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When Are You Ready To Raise Your Photography Pricing?

The short answer is, people are often ready to do so far before they decide to, and here's how to figure it out.


Two Photography Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Bookings

Here are the two small changes in my photography business that drastically increased the quality and number of bookings...


How to Choose a Film Lab | The Questions To Ask & The Answers To Watch Out For

What you ought to know about using a film lab, what to expect, how to work with them, and the lab i use.


Four Reasons Why We Love To Promote Using Wedding Planners

One of the most significant determining factors in creating great imagery on the day of a wedding is whether or not...


3 Simple Strategies for a Successful Wedding Venue Open House

Here are 3 simple strategies that you can implement now to pull off a successful wedding venue open house


5 Ways To Get More Photography Clients

If you’re still struggling to get enough clients, know that it doesn’t have to be this way.


Wedding Photography Tips: 8 Tips For Outsourcing Work

Here are eight tips that I wish I knew when I started outsourcing my work.


The Power of Same-Day Slideshows At Weddings

If you don't do same-day slideshows at your weddings it's time to re-consider, and here's why.

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5 Ways To Respond When A Photography Client Requests A Discount

Being prepared to handle a discount request can have a great effect on keeping things in your favor, and here are some...


7 Common Website Mistakes You’re Making That Scare Away Potential Clients

Don't let your website be a deterrent for that potential client trying to find the right photographer to hire.


Taxes For Photographers: 3 Things You Need To Do Now So You Don’t Owe Next Year

It's every small business owners dream to end the year owing nothing to the IRS and it is possible, but you need to...


Photography Business Cards: 5 Ways To Make Yours Stand Out

That little 3.5x2 card can say a lot about your business. What does your photography business card say about you?


Every Client Is Your Only Client

EVERY CLIENT IS YOUR ONLY CLIENT | TRANSCRIPTION This video is about our studio philosophy and how we approach every...


Beauty & Fashion Photography | The Specifics That Divide The Great From The Mediocre

These are the kind of specific pieces of information and advice you typically aren't taught by anything but experience.


3 Important Tips About Pricing Your Photograpy Business From Sue Bryce

This is preventing you from making more money in your photography business.

Contests Featured Entries for "Most Creative Newborn Portrait"

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0 3 Days
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The Prize

SLR Lounge Premium 6-Month Subscription

The Challenge

Newborn photos are one of the best places to let your creativity run free with all of your different props, backdrops, and composite possibilities. Submit your most creative newborn portrait and the winner will receive a 6-month subscription to our new SLR Lounge Premium Membership. The winning entry will be selected from the top 20 vote-getting entries by SLR Lounge Editors. Limit one (1) entry per person. Click here to learn more about SLR Premium Membership.