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Every Client Is Your Only Client

EVERY CLIENT IS YOUR ONLY CLIENT | TRANSCRIPTION This video is about our studio philosophy and how we approach every...


Beauty & Fashion Photography | The Specifics That Divide The Great From The Mediocre

These are the kind of specific pieces of information and advice you typically aren't taught by anything but experience.


3 Important Tips About Pricing Your Photograpy Business From Sue Bryce

This is preventing you from making more money in your photography business.


5 Things Every Bride & Groom Needs To Know About Preferred Vendors and Vendor Lists

The term 'Preferred Vendor' garners trust that the title was earned, but it's often not the case, and negatively affects...

Brady Puryear

3 Photography Business Tips | A Conversation With Brady Puryear Of ‘The Daily Wedding’

Top wedding photographer, Brady Puryear, is owner of a wedding album company and a popular wedding blog, The Daily...


Social Media Marketing For Photographers: Use Periscope To Leverage Your Business

How can you leverage Periscope for your photography business and is it even worth your time and effort?


Problems Getting Paid? Fileship Is A Platform For Creatives To Ensure They Get Paid For Work

With Fileship, payment is the only key to unlock the work you've done for your client.


5 Important Things You Must-Have Before Starting A Photography Business

If you want to be a legal and legitimate business, here are 5 things you need to before you book that first client for...


How To Handle Angry Clients

You will never make everyone happy and likely anger some. How you deal with it can be a defining factor of your...


The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Slideshow & Videography Music

We are breaking down the best options for both royalty & copyright free music and licensed music for your Wedding...

Nicole Chan

The Advantages of Outsourcing For Photographers

I wish I came to the realization earlier that asking for help would open up a world of growth, process improvement, and...


Shoot For Free? You Might Just Thank Me!

Shooting for free might be the best thing you can do for your business, or not. What are your thoughts?


5 Ways to Rock Your Next Client Consultation

We've refined our game a bit since we first started meeting with potential client; here are five ways we rock a client...


Why You Must Show Your Work | Chase Jarvis & Austin Kleon Speak To Your Fears

Some show their work from the get-go but so many, often self-proclaimed perfectionists, hide in the shadows. This short...


Copyright Infringement Problem Plagues Our Community | Advice On How To Deal

An SLRL reader found out her work was being used commercially without her consent and asked what she could do. My...

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SLR Lounge Premium 6-Month Subscription

The Challenge

A must-have on a wedding day is an amazing bridal portrait to genuinely capture the inner and outer beauty of your bride. Submit your best bridal portrait and the winner will receive a 6-month subscription to our new SLR Lounge Premium Membership. The winning entry will be selected from the top 20 vote-getting entries by SLR Lounge Editors. Limit one (1) entry per person. Click here to learn more about SLR Premium Membership.

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