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The DJI Osmo+ | The New Osmo With The Feature We All Wanted

The DJI Osmo came out and we all wanted one, but it was incomplete. Now they've filled the gaps and it's better than...


Canon Releases Two New L-Series Lenses And An Unusual WiFi Adapter

This is Canon's week, with a new 5D and now revamped 7D MK II and 2 new lenses.


Fujifilm Release New XF 23mm f/2 & Selfie centered X-A3

We have known for some time that Fujifilm was going to announce another 23mm in 2016, thanks to their lens roadmap....


Canon 5D Mark IV | This is It, Finally

It's here, and it's a new creature from the inside out, but is it an upgrade worthy of the name?


The Edelkrone Wing | Camera Slider Movement Tool That Fits In Your Pocket

Looking for a slider without the bulk to up your videos? This could be just the ticket.


Datacolor Releases Spyder5Capture Pro | Calibration From Lens To Monitor & Special Release Sale

Datacolor's calibration tools tend to be the benchmark systems of their kind, and this bundle is priced extremely well.


Nikon Announces New D3400 & 4 DX Lenses

Nikon updates the D3300 and gives it connectivity and much longer battery life, and drops 4 new DX lenses too!


Samyang Finished Summer Blockbuster With 5th & Final Lens | 14mm f/2.8 FE AF

Find out about all 5 lenses released in 5 weeks of Samyang's summer blockbuster.


Could This Be The Successor To The Venerable Canon 28-300mm f/5.6?

Canon's now patented an unusual 2 38-560mm f/2.8-56L lenses. Is this shaping up to be the 28-300mm replacement?


RØDE Gives Stereo VideoMic Pro & Others Major Updates

RØDE hasn't upgraded the VideoMic Pro since 2012, so it's come back with a bang.


Samyang’s 3 New Lenses In 3 Weeks

3 lenses down, 2 to go, but here's what Samyang has released thus far


Kipon Adapter Puts Medium Format Lenses Onto Sony A7 | Keep Angle Of View & Gain 1 Stop Speed

Top quality and top prices are typically associated with Medium Format lenses, which only adds to their appeal. Medium...


The New Nikon 105mm f/1.4 | The World’s Fastest 105 Is Official & Ready For Order!

It's official, and probably safe to say almost every portrait shooter is going to want this.


The New Nikon 105mm f/1.4 | The World’s Fastest 105mm Lens

So, it seems this is the new Nikon 105mm f/1.4, and it's guaranteed to get many reaching for their wallets. But should...


The News (Gear) | Strobes That Sync At Any Speed, New Zeiss Loxia & Batis Lenses, & New Phase One Glass

These lights seems almost too good to be true. But would you trust them? And what Zeiss glass do you want to see?