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Nikon’s New Feature: Automatic Autofocus Lens Calibration

Nikon's new feature seems to have Sigma right in its sights. Ready for easy lens calibration?


JPEGmini Release The ‘Save For Web Button’ Adobe Should’ve Made For Photoshop & It’s Brilliant

This is truly such a welcome addition to Photoshop, and in typical JPEGmini fashion, it just works, and works well.


The All-New Hasselblad H6D Line Brings 100MP, 4K, CFast & 15 Stop Dynamic Range

Hasselblad aims to return to former glory atop the photography gear pyramid, and it's a big deal.


Sony Releases A 50mm 1.8 & 70-300mm Full-Frame Lenses & The RX10 III

Sony drops the 50 1.8 Sony users have been waiting for, and then adds its longest FE lens, and an absurd RX10 III.


The Sigma MC-11 Brings 15 Sigma Lenses To Sony E-Mount Cameras With Full Control

Finally, 15 Sigma lenses, including the Art series will behave like native Sony lenses with full compatibility on Sony...


Phase One Has A Big Week With Capture One 9.1 Release & XF Update + Free Trial Counter Reset

Capture One 9.1 is going to be even more attractive to photographers everywhere, and Phase One XF just got even more...


Elinchrom Skyport Plus Works With Almost Any Flash & Even Leaf Shutter Systems

If you're looking for a new set of wireless triggers, the market is rich in them right now, and these look particularly...


Sony Support Sucks? Musicbed Film Initiative! Pre-Order the G7X II [Daily Roundup]

Photographer Matt Granger recently posted a YouTube video which explains his reasoning for ditching his new Sony gear to...


New Sony Firmware & Fuji Organic Sensor Rumors [Daily Roundup]

Sony mirrorless owners got a little surprise this morning with the announcement of a series of new firmware updates for...


Nissin Announcements For Sony & Fuji, and What To Expect From Nikon [Daily Roundup]

Nissin is continuing to build out their impressive Air triggering system, today with the announcement that they are...


PocketWizard Re-Emerges With The Release Of The Better, Newer, Plus IV

Everything about this looks promising, and PWs are clearly gunning for your attention. They may also, deserve it.


Olympus 25mm F/1.2, LAOWA 105MM F/2, Great Vintage Lenses Under $80 {Daily Roundup}

We have talked about this Olympus F/1.2 lens series rumor a few times now over the last several months, and today we...


Profoto Exhumes Their Famous Beauty Dish & Now In Collapsible Form

Profoto does a revival of an icon, so there's a lot to live up to.

dji phantom 4

DJI Announces New Phantom 4 Drone

DJI have announced the new Phantom 4 drone - and it can fly itself!

Sightseer Backpack - DiBlasio Photo-7

Holdfast Gear’s Brand New Sightseer Backpack | Initial Impressions

If you could find a camera bag that was made BY a photographer in Nordstroms or Burberry, this would fit right in (along...

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