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Speed Up Lightroom | Important LR Performance News Flew Under Radar Amidst The Lightroom & Apple TV Fuss

While everyone was distracted by Lightroom and Apple TV, a much more useful change occurred.

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The New Nikon 105mm f/1.4 | The World’s Fastest 105 Is Official & Ready For Order!

It's official, and probably safe to say almost every portrait shooter is going to want this.


The News | Video May Stop You Buying Gear From Amazon, Verizon Buys Tumblr & Flickr, New Nikon Tilt-Shift Lens

Will This Deter You From Buying Camera Gear From Amazon? It’s not uncommon to hear photographers speak about their...


The New Nikon 105mm f/1.4 | The World’s Fastest 105mm Lens

So, it seems this is the new Nikon 105mm f/1.4, and it's guaranteed to get many reaching for their wallets. But should...


Last Chance For Up To 50% CreativeLive Site-Wide, Including Their Fast Start Video Guides

In our field, gear matters, and you’d have to have a bank balance bigger than your bank account number for you to...


Wedding Photography Kit for a $20,000 Budget | Ask SLR Lounge

What if you had a budget of $20,000 for gear for your business - what would you buy? Here, we break it all down for you.


The Most Popular Cameras, Lenses, & Settings On The Internet| ExploreCams

Keep in mind popularity doesn't dictate quality, but the preferred lenses per brand and preferred focal lengths and...


The News (Gear) | Strobes That Sync At Any Speed, New Zeiss Loxia & Batis Lenses, & New Phase One Glass

These lights seems almost too good to be true. But would you trust them? And what Zeiss glass do you want to see?


Best Gear For Beautiful Holiday Photos | The Real Family Holiday

The dilemma: You’re a photographer and you’re off on holiday with the partner and/or kids, and while you’re...


Strictly Storage | The Latest In Hard Drive Tech From G-Tech & Seagate

Seagate & G-Tech serve up heavy-hitting storage solutions while TU Delft manifests the "smallest hard-drive to date".


DigiBees | Paul C. Buff Releases Digital Counterpart To Popular AlienBees

Paul C. Buff unveil's Alienbee's upgraded digital counterpart: the Digibee.


Photo Editor App Prisma Is Blowing Up, Annoying Artists, & Makes The Coolest Timelapses

Prisma may be the most fun in a photo app you've ever had.


The News | FujiFilm Wonder Shop Opening In NYC, Affinity Photo Gets Big Update, & Samyang Lens Reveal

Fujifilm Wonder Shop For those who didn’t know, Fujifilm actually has their own, rather special, shops. In the vein of...

Image by Lin and Jirsa Photography (www.linandjirsa.com)

Animoto (Updated) Review | Why We Left & Came Back

How Animoto rose to the top to become our go-to site for creating impressionable wedding slideshows.


New Sigma Lens Sale With Code & Many With Free Docking Bay & Shipping

There's a great deal on SIgma lenses right now (Including ART series) up to $350 off and free docking bay. MUST use...

Contests Featured Entries for "Best Golden Hour Portrait"

Time Remaining
0 4 Days
1 1 Hrs
4 8 Mins
The Prize

256GB Customized SSD Card

The Challenge

The weather is warm, the sun is plentiful and we want to see your best Golden Hour portrait. The winner will be selected from the top 20 vote-getting entries by SLR Lounge Editors and will receive a 256GB Customized SSD from Photo Flash Drive. This fast and portable SSD drive retails for $249 and will be laser engraved with the winner’s  logo, name and design. Limit one (1) entry per person in the US or Canada.