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G-Tech’s Mobile Storage Solutions Get Updated | PPE 2016

We’re at PhotoPlus in NYC and it’s better than ever. There’s so much to see, and so much do, but...


The Second Cameras Of Some Of The Best Wedding Photographers

We love chatting with other wedding photographers about their gear, and while we wouldn’t describe ourselves as...


Fuji’s Major Firmware Update 2.0 For Fuji X-Pro2

There is so much more to investing in camera gear than the initial purchase. The true test of relevancy comes after...


Sony Announced The RX100 Mark V | The Ultra Premium Compact

The Sony RX100 series has garnered much attention from photographers with its ability to capture high-quality images...


Mini Review of Peak Design’s Everyday Backpack & Sling | Facebook Live

We had the chance to get our hands on Peak Design’s unbelievably durable Everyday Bags, hand crafted with the...


Sony’s New a6500: A More Powerful Flagship APS-C with IBIS & Touchscreen

Only 8 months after the a6300, Sony is back with a new feature-rich APS-C contender.


Take A Look At Leica’s Mysterious Concept “Camera”

Leica was among numerous photo companies that announced their upcoming gadgets at Photokina 2016, but they seem to...


17Hats Is Now Offering Free Accounts & Discount On Paid Accounts For SLRL Members

17Hats has been available as a business management tool for small business owners for a few years now, making life...


The First 5 Lenses To Buy For Your Sony A7 Series Camera

The best bang for your buck options in the FE lineup.


New MeFoto Air Tripod Integrates Selfie Stick & Powerful Leg Locks

Lighter, faster and easier-to-use, MeFOTO Air sets a new standard for today’s traveling photographers.


Sigma Expands Art and Sport Lens Lineups | 12-24mm Art & 500mm f/4 OS Sport

What's new with Sigma, and why you should be excited.

Why I Paid To Have Paul C Buff Einstein’s Shipped To The UK

Why I Paid Through The Nose To Have Einsteins Shipped To The UK

Why would someone pay so much more than EInstiens are worth to have them shipped to the UK? Am I mad? Decide for...


Speed to Exceed: Profoto Reveals Pro-10, The World’s Fastest Studio Flash

Profoto continues to deliver the 'world's best' light shaping tools with their release of the 2400Ws Pro-10 studio...


Phase One Releases New 100MP IQ1, 2 New Lenses & Capture One Pro 9.3

Amidst the buzz and brouhaha at Photokina, certain brands are stealing the show, but everyone takes centerstage for...


New Lightroom Update With Canon 5D IV Support, & Adobe Releases Stock Contributor Site

You can now upload and sell your images directly from Lightroom.