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Three Ways To Skin A Lightroom Catalog

Increase your efficiency in Lightroom simply by understanding the various shortcuts and Hot Keys that help carry out...


3 Ways To Remove Backgrounds In Photoshop

There is bound to come a time when an ability to create accurate masks around your subject and replacing a background...


The Clone Stamp Tool | What Everyone Misses & Where To Find It

The clone stamp tool is one of the most used tools for photographers, but so many are letting the true breadth of its...


Lightroom Mac vs PC Speed Test | $4k iMac vs $4k Custom PC Performance Test

With so much time spent in post processing, powerful computers are a necessity, so we pitted an equally-priced Mac Vs....


A Guide To Content Aware Fill | Is it Still Useless?

Ever wanted to remove something from your photos? Whether it be a blemish, person, car, or building, Photoshop and...


Change Your Background To Any Color In Photoshop

There are many different methods of doing this and most are unnecessarily complex. This method is quick, easy and works...


5 Ways Your Lightroom Editing Is Ruining Your Images

Lightroom is a fantastic program for editing your photos. However, it is so easy to ruin your images through...

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Food Photography Tips & ‘How Tos’ From A Young Instagram Dominating Photographer

Betty Liu is catching the attention of Instagram viewers and Instagram itself, and gives us a look at how she makes her...


Lightroom VS Photoshop For Removing Blemishes

Which is better for removing blemishes? Lightroom or Photoshop? Both have their merits, but which should you use and,...


3 Important Ways To Edit Color In Lightroom

This article will cover three methods to adjust and sometimes completely alter the existing colors in your photos.


A Quick Hit Of Insight On Beauty Retouching Workflow & Practices

Sometimes it's the one tip that covers the last 2% of what you need to boost your product and efficiency. Watching pros...


Frequency Separation Pitfalls To Avoid

Frequency Separation can go wrong at many points, but these are possibly the two points where the biggest mistakes are...


Quick Tip: Setting Up Export Presets in Lightroom

When exporting your images out of Lightroom, are you constantly inputting the same settings time and time again? Here's...


Best Computer Specs for Photoshop | Is Your Computer Up to Par?

What kind of hardware do you really need for Photoshop? This article will clear the mists around what computer specs you...


New Workshop! Advanced Lightroom Processing

We're very happy to announce that the second part of our Lightroom Workshop Series, Advanced Lightroom Processing, is...

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A must-have on a wedding day is an amazing bridal portrait to genuinely capture the inner and outer beauty of your bride. Submit your best bridal portrait and the winner will receive a 6-month subscription to our new SLR Lounge Premium Membership. The winning entry will be selected from the top 20 vote-getting entries by SLR Lounge Editors. Limit one (1) entry per person. Click here to learn more about SLR Premium Membership.

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Marcin Puka commented on Photo Critique Submission Black and White pt. 2


Marcin Puka commented on Photo Critique Submission Let it snow.

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Andy Shrestha submitted a new Contest Entry Made for eachother

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Caleb Zunino commented on Contest Entry Tissues at the ready...


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