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Freebies and Fun Lighting Week | Profoto A1 Giveaway ($1,990 Value!)
By SLR Lounge Official on May 25, 2018
The ‘starving artist’ has been romanticized over the past few centuries to the point of often being...

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Patreon's revenue for creators has doubled in a year, but what does that mean for...
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Freelancing is a life of freedom, of sampling from many plates, and of feast or famine....
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If you are thinking of a new site or optimizing your own, this is for you.
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Some of the pros and cons to the platform I use.
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Want to work with brands? There is a way to go about it.
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By Brittany Smith on March 29, 2018
Agency models can have a huge impact on your work
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One of the most common questions any educator fields, is 'How do I price my work?'
Aspiring Photographers Listen Up - Career Advice From A Commercial Photographer
Business Tips Career Advice From A Commercial Photographer | How To Survive
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Some things you can only learn from experience.