How To Photoshop Faster | Simple Tips To Speed Up Your Photoshop Workflow Pt.2

Photoshop is just one of those programs that, once learned, is hard to do without, but perhaps a bit harder to get...


How To Photoshop Faster | Simple Tips To Speed Up Your Photoshop Workflow

Learning how to Photoshop faster needn't take a year of study. Here are a few tips to immediately speed up and better...


A Look At How To Use Photoshop’s New Face-Aware Liquify Feature

Watch how easy it is to use the new Face-Aware Liquify tool in the new Photoshop update.


How To Remove Banding In Photoshop

A handheld guide to identifying the causes of banding, and how to easily remove it.


Using Splash Photography To Produce Something Special | How I Shot It

You asked for it, here it is: Max walks you through the shoot and post processing of a detailed product shot.


Using Darkness To Create Mood In Your Images | Jimmy McIntyre

In the following video clip, Jimmy McIntyre shows us how he creates mood by darkening his images.


Puppet Warp | The Really Cool Tool You Know Nothing About

Puppet Warp will allow you to quickly, easily, and drastically change the details of an image, and has applications in...


3 Ways To Remove Backgrounds In Photoshop

There is bound to come a time when an ability to create accurate masks around your subject and replacing a background...


The Clone Stamp Tool | What Everyone Misses & Where To Find It

The clone stamp tool is one of the most used tools for photographers, but so many are letting the true breadth of its...


A Guide To Content Aware Fill | Is it Still Useless?

Ever wanted to remove something from your photos? Whether it be a blemish, person, car, or building, Photoshop and...


Change Your Background To Any Color In Photoshop

There are many different methods of doing this and most are unnecessarily complex. This method is quick, easy and works...

Betty Liu - 1

Food Photography Tips & ‘How Tos’ From A Young Instagram Dominating Photographer

Betty Liu is catching the attention of Instagram viewers and Instagram itself, and gives us a look at how she makes her...


Lightroom VS Photoshop For Removing Blemishes

Which is better for removing blemishes? Lightroom or Photoshop? Both have their merits, but which should you use and,...


A Quick Hit Of Insight On Beauty Retouching Workflow & Practices

Sometimes it's the one tip that covers the last 2% of what you need to boost your product and efficiency. Watching pros...


Frequency Separation Pitfalls To Avoid

Frequency Separation can go wrong at many points, but these are possibly the two points where the biggest mistakes are...

Contests Featured Entries for "Best Golden Hour Portrait"

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256GB Customized SSD Card

The Challenge

The weather is warm, the sun is plentiful and we want to see your best Golden Hour portrait. The winner will be selected from the top 20 vote-getting entries by SLR Lounge Editors and will receive a 256GB Customized SSD from Photo Flash Drive. This fast and portable SSD drive retails for $249 and will be laser engraved with the winner’s  logo, name and design. Limit one (1) entry per person in the US or Canada.