Recreate The Sun In One Click With This Lightroom Preset

We've taught you how to recreate golden hour with off-camera flashes & high-power strobes. Now see how we do it in...

3 Precise Methods For Color Grading In Photoshop

3 Methods For Precise Color Grading In Photoshop

Knowing how to color grade your images is essential. These three simple methods will show you how to precisely alter...


Single Shot HDR | Getting the Most Out Of Your Camera

Find out how to get the most out of your camera's dynamic range in just a single shot.


Drone Image Prep & Processing | A Guideline For Getting The Drone Shots You Really Want

How to prep, think about, and execute the drone images you want to make.


Sync With Lightroom Mobile for Quick Edits Anytime, Anywhere

Edit and organize photos on your smartphone or tablet, and seamlessly sync changes to your Lightroom catalog.


Creating Bright & Airy Pastel Filmic Images in Lightroom

Use virtually every tool in Lightroom to arrive at a processing look that emulates vintage film style.


3 Of The Best Lightroom Tips you’ll See this Year

3 simple and atypical tips to upgrade your LR experience.


Photoshop Lightroom Tips | How to Create Camera Raw Presets From Lightroom Presets

With this you'll have all your favorite Lightroom Presets available for use directly within ACR and Photoshop.

Image by Pye of SLR Lounge (www.slrlounge.com)

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