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Beauty & Portrait Photography Tutorial Using Sony Cameras

A few months ago I partnered up with Sony to give everyone an exclusive look at my entire creative process for...


Our 15 Favorite Portable OCF Light Modifiers

See what our go-to light modifying tools are & why!


Sunset Portrait Photography | Minute Photography

Learn how to create stunning, dramatic blue sunset portraits with a single OCF.


Creating Soft Portrait Lighting with On Camera Flash | Minute Photography

In just 60 seconds, see how we use an on-camera flash and a reflector to create soft, flattering light for portraits.


Creating Unique Lens Flares | Facebook Live

Here are two techniques using inexpensive items to create simple lens flares without the hassle.


Studio Lighting Tutorials | Ultimate List Of Free Resources

Good studio lighting tutorials are surprisingly hard to come by. That's why we've compiled this comprehensive list of...


Light Modifiers | The Two I Can’t Live Without

I could not do my product photography without these two modifiers. If I could only choose two, it would be these....


Backlighting Ultra-Wide Angle Environmental Portraits With Pye

Wide angle environmental portraits are beautiful and great for prints, but sometimes your subjects get lost in the...


8 Steps To Perfecting Each Scene & Image When Using Off-Camera Flash

Extraordinary photography is all about the approach - see how you have refine your imagery using OCF with this step...


Lighting 201 | Catch Lighting 201 For Free Today On CreativeLive

Today CreativeLive is re-streaming Lighting 201, so click the link within to be taken to the page to check it out!


Ideal Lighting for Large Group Family Photos Indoors

An quick & easy lighting setup to help you produce flawless family formals or group portraits in minutes.


No Studio? No Problem: 5 Simple Lighting Setups for Portraits On-location

5 simple lighting setup for portraits on-location, including specific examples, BTS shots, and diagrams.


8 Tips For Groom Prep Photography At Its Finest

Preparation is key in order to produce creative, journalistic imagery.


10 Lighting Tips For Wedding Receptions

Here are 10 lighting tips to get you through some tricky wedding reception lighting issues.


Watch: How One Off-Camera Flash Turns Ordinary into Extraordinary

Imitate the sun and create a dynamic image in any scenario using one off-camera flash.