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Wedding Photojournalism Wedding Photojournalism: Preparing Clients for Memorable Moments, with Scott Josuweit | SLR Lounge Awards Artist Feature
By Amii & Andy Kauth on September 22, 2018
I really enjoy the fact that every wedding is totally unique in its own way. Heck, every day is unique as a wedding...

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How To Shoot It Creating Artistic Portraits Using A Tilt-Shift Lens
By Jay Cassario on July 9, 2018
Simply put, a tilt-shift lens is a lens that tilts and shifts, and throws the focus...
How To Shoot It How to Capture Stunning Fireworks Portraits
By Pye Jirsa on July 3, 2018
I recently shot a wedding with a firework show and I wanted to show you how I captured...
How To Shoot It How To Photograph The Milky Way With A Portrait Subject
By Matthew Saville on June 27, 2018
Here's how to execute some beautiful astro shots with a human subject
How To Shoot It Mark Seliger Shares His 3 Famous Lighting Set-ups | Used For Covers Of Rolling Stone, GQ, Vanity Fair, & Vogue
By Kishore Sawh on May 28, 2018
2 of these are genius in their simplicity.
How To Shoot It Using Artificial Light To Mimic The Sun | How I Shot It
By Brittany Smith on May 22, 2018
How to create edgy, current, and beautiful looks anywhere
How To Shoot It How To Use A Simple One Light Setup For Three Different Looks | How I Shot It
By Brittany Smith on March 9, 2018
One light, one model, three different looks in no time for a good modern test.
How To Shoot It ‘How I Got The Shot: Women’s Edition’ | Tether Tools’ Free Guide Celebrating Women In Photography
By Brittany Smith on March 8, 2018
A fantastic resource of 'how to's from some of the best.
How To Shoot It Maximizing Small Spaces For Natural Light Portraits | How I Shot It
By Brittany Smith on February 28, 2018
Photoshoots are often assumed to take place in lofty studios that have no shortage of...
How To Shoot It Shooting a Fashion Editorial in NYC | How I Shot It
By Brittany Smith on January 11, 2018
New York City has an unparalleled energy and serves as a beacon of hope for many...
How To Shoot It Pet Photography Tips | One-Light Pet Portraits With A Leibovitz Staple
By Holly Roa on December 22, 2017
Take some pretty pictures of your pets this holiday season