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Use DIY Gobos to Create Interesting Shadows In Your Portraits

A gobo (or "go between") is basically anything that goes between your light and your subject. It can be anything from a...

Image by Lin and Jirsa Photography (www.linandjirsa.com)

5 Everyday Items For Creative Photo Effects

Taking creative photos is not difficult, you just have to be...creative. In this article and video, we have 5...


‘El Bokeh Wall’: Create a Beautiful & Simple DIY Background + SLR Lounge Writer’s Shootout

Create a beautiful bokeh background with this simple method. Our writing team was challenged to a shootout using it....


Why Fuji Can’t Add IBIS To X Series, Canon Drops 1DX Mark II Kit Price, DIY Honeycomb Grid Tutorial {Daily Roundup}

Today we cover some fun topics, including: Why Fuji Can't Add IBIS To X Series, Canon Dropping the 1DX MkII Kit Price,...


How To Build A DIY Card Reader/Hard Drive RAID Enclosure For Speed

With some elbow grease and a little time, this will allow you to get into a quick download and edit system with...


Cable Management: How To Control The Cord Chaos Under Your Workspace

Have a mess of cords and cables under your workspace? This handy 7-minute video gives you tips on how to organize it...


Best DIY Photography Projects 2015

Hooray for DIY! If you're the type that would rather craft it out, spend your weekends at Home Depot, and then knee deep...


Make Your Own DIY Super Smooth Professional Camera Slider For $45

A professional camera slider can run you anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars, but the...


Make a DIY Photography Drone With Some Balloons and Your Camera Phone

So you really want a drone for Christmas, but you're on Santa's naughty list this year? Here's a way to McGyver one...


Great Instruction On Building DIY V-Flats

Even if you like to buy all your gear, you may find it hard to find V-Flats to buy, and you can make brilliant ones like...


How We Shot It: DIY Polaroid Photo Booth With On-Camera Flash

How I created this fun, easy and inexpensive polaroid photo booth set-up using on-camera flash and a hand-made polaroid...


DIY: Make Your Own Triple Reflector For Less Than $40

The tried and true triple reflector is a favorite of glamor and headshots, and this DIY tutorial will show you how to...


3 Simple DIY Solutions To Hang a Backdrop

Hanging a backdrop seems to be such an easy task until you actually do so. Do you tape them, clamp them, clip them...and...


Dollar Store Steals | 5 Photography Must-Haves For $1 Or Less

Photography is an equipment-heavy craft, but luckily there are tons of genuinely useful photography accessories that we...


DIY: Make GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts For Pennies

This easy method to make anti-fog inserts for your GoPro is from YouTuber, Ho Stevie, saves you from purchasing the $15...

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