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Inspiration Winners Revealed For 2019 Sony World Photography Awards
David J. CreweApril 20, 2019
The winning images from the 2019 Sony World Photography Awards photo contest have been announced, and believe us...


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Tips & Tricks
Learn how to achieve consistently stunning imagery during golden hour with these simple tools and quick lighting setups.
Tips & Tricks
Here are a few tips to help you get through your first maternity session.
Tips & Tricks
Struggling to pose and direct your models? Anita's got 7 helpful tips to get you through every shoot.
Tips & Tricks
While studying our art over the last decade, we compiled a list of ten characteristics most often found in the best photos. Here they are.
Tips & Tricks Best Smoke Bombs for Photography & Tips on How to Use Them
Pye Jirsa April 4, 2019
We found the best smoke bomb for photography and wanted to offer 5 tips on how to use them safely and creatively.
Tips & Tricks Dramatically Change The Color of The Sky With 3 Colored Gels
Trevor Dayley April 3, 2019
Want to see how to use 3 different colored gels to get 3 drastically different looks?
Tips & Tricks
Wondering what kind of magic you can create with just a single speedlight? Read Justin's tips for creative ways to use a single light source.
Tips & Tricks
How much do you make?  It's a simple question that's easy to answer in most industries, but it's a little trickier for wedding photographers....
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