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Cutting Through The Crap | An Explanation Of Flash Duration

With the recent release of some fairly impressive flashes, there's been a lot of talk about flash durations. I've...


10 Powerful Photoshop Skills Every Photographer Needs To Know

There is something in here for everyone, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro of Photoshop.


Beauty & Portrait Photography Tutorial Using Sony Cameras

A few months ago I partnered up with Sony to give everyone an exclusive look at my entire creative process for...


Grow Your Wedding Business Today with Shotkit’s New Ebook || A Review of More Brides

More Brides, in brief, tells you exactly what to do to book clients. There's no fluff and no wasted pages.


Our 15 Favorite Portable OCF Light Modifiers

See what our go-to light modifying tools are & why!

Are You Ignoring The Power Of Tethered Shooting?

Shooting Tethered | Why It’s So Good & Practical Advice On Doing It

Tethered shooting. Once you try it, you won't be able to do without it. See why I couldn't live without it and why...


Canon’s Free AutoFocus MicroAdjustment Guidebook

As a quick preface to explain the significance of this, it pays to understand that cameras and lenses are made in...


2 Second Technique To Whiten Teeth In Photoshop | Plus A Free Action

Whitening teeth in Photoshop is one of those basic things that all portrait photographers will one day have to do. It...


Simple Window Light Portraits | How I Shot It

There is something incredible about being able to play with lights and shoot in a studio environment. With access to...

3 Precise Methods For Color Grading In Photoshop

3 Methods For Precise Color Grading In Photoshop

Knowing how to color grade your images is essential. These three simple methods will show you how to precisely alter...


Recreating Golden Hour & Natural Sunlight with Pocket Strobes

Recreate golden hour within minutes with these simple tricks.


Bokeh On A Budget | Make Your Very Own 50mm f/1.2 for Just $20

Get the bokeh you have always dreamed for with this handy D.I.Y trick for just $20.


Sunset Portrait Photography | Minute Photography

Learn how to create stunning, dramatic blue sunset portraits with a single OCF.


Ansel Adams On Pre-Visualization & Photographic Education

Ansel Adams was a luminary in photography. His landscape work entertains a global audience, and even till this day,...


Brief Explanation of How Graphics Cards Increase Productivity For Photographers

Without a doubt, one of the most-asked questions for a photographer is “How can I make Lightroom faster?”. It...