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Get A Natural Sun Flare With One Click In Lightroom

No sun? No problem! Find out what tool we use to create a natural sun flare in Lightroom.

How To Pose Couples | Going From Awkward To Awesome

Posing can be a challenge – with some exceptions. It should look natural, not forced, and flatter the subject....

5 Must Have Settings for Midday Shoots | Facebook Live

Afraid of noon day sun? Don't be, we have 5 tips that will change your approach to mid-day shoots.

Hedge for Mac | Backup and Verify Files Quickly, And Why Verifying Your files Is Important

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Lightroom Better & Faster | 3 Tips To Get More Speed & Precision Within Lightroom

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Presets & This Tool Are What Allow Me to Retouch With Ease & Accuracy In Lightroom

It's the closest thing to a local adjustment opacity layer this side of Photoshop.

Shooting Tethered | Free Video Course & Guide

Depending on the type of photography you’ve chosen to focus on, you may find that tethering is never really...

Beach Photography Tips From Professionals

Stuck shooting the portrait sessions at the beach? Here are some tips to get your creativity flowing again!

4 Creative Ways to Photograph The Veil

An easy & a-veil-able accessory that will yield stunning bridal portraits.

Frequency Separation Pitfalls To Avoid | Beware Of Actions & Cautious With Radius

Frequency Separation can go wrong at many points, but these are possibly the two points where the biggest mistakes...