Photographing the Milky Way

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Gear & Apps Sigma 14-24mm F/2.8 ART Quick Review
By Ryan Longnecker on July 20, 2018
The new de facto choice for 14-24mm

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Photography News Sigma Firmware Update for Canon Art Series Lenses
By Wendell Weithers on July 19, 2018
Canon users have reason to be happy
Photography News The Sony Story No One Tells, Not Even Sony | It’s Not In Our Nature To Snuff Out The Fire
By Kishore Sawh on July 18, 2018
If you want to understand our business and where photography is going you must...
Photography News Blackmagic Announces eGPU for New MacBook Pros | An Apple Store Exclusive
By Justin Heyes on July 17, 2018
The idea of an external graphics card has long been a dream for those who have used...
Photography News Amazon Prime Day Sale Alternatives | ‘Prime Day’ Sales From Other Retailers – Continued
By Kishore Sawh on July 16, 2018
Amazon was a bust today, but retailers are trying to make up for it.
Photography News Apple MacBook Pro Refresh | True Tone Display, Intel Core i9, & Finally 32 GB RAM
By Justin Heyes on July 12, 2018
Today Apple updated the MacBook Pro with faster performance and new pro features,...
Photography News Sony A9 Firmware Update 3.01 | Important Adapter, IS, and AF Updates & 400mm 2.8 Lens Support
By Justin Heyes on July 11, 2018
Sony has released the version 3.01 firmware update for its flagship Sony a9 mirrorless...
Photography News Pelican Case Sale | Over 30% Off For Limited Time
By Kishore Sawh on July 10, 2018
A great time to buy the 1510 or 1610 with or without dividers.
Photography News Is Copying Now Fair Game? | Judge Rules Unauthorized Commercial Use “Transformative Fair Use”
By Holly Roa on July 5, 2018
This doesn't look good for any of us.
Photography News 4th Of July Photography Sale | Courses, Wacom, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Samsung & More
By Kishore Sawh on July 3, 2018
Big savings, for a short time.
Photography News 4th of July Sale | $75 Off Premium & 20% Off Store
By SLR Lounge Official on July 2, 2018
Happy 4th of July! These long days, warm nights, and moments with family and friends...