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New Patent from Canon Promised Better Edge Performance from Sensor

Canon is pushing sensor boundaries


SmartPhones Killed The Point & Shoot But Extends Life Of DSLR Sales

The camera phone kills it's direct rival and drives sales of the bigger cameras, and more.


New Firmware for Sony A7R II Adds Camera Stability & Support For New Wireless Radio Triggers

Sony brings some decent changes through firmware updates


Canon 5D MK IV Dual Pixel RAW | Focus Adjustment In Post? Higher Dynamic Range?

Dual Pixel Raw - expect to be hearing lots more about this in coming weeks, but here's what we think thus far.


Leica M Trade-Up Program May Be Best Time To Buy | Trade In Any Camera & Get An Additional $750

Perhaps the best time ever to buy a new Leica


Steve Jobs Now In The Photography Hall Of Fame, Along With Other Names You Should Know | Should He Be?

The device he created is the most common camera on the planet, and Steve Jobs changed photography forever.


Current 2016 Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet Infographic

All the image dimensions for your social media platforms, all in one place.


Google Hammers The Final Nail In The Coffin Steve Jobs Built For Adobe Flash | A Warning For Photographers

Photographers that haven't already updated their sites from flash, have about 4 months to do so.


Capturing Usain Bolt’s Gold Medal Grin Within 1 Second | The Photo To Define The 2016 Olympics

Would you take such a risk when capturing the fastest man in the world?


The Brooks Institute Is No More & Closes a 70 Year Chapter In Formal Photography Education

Somewhat marred by controversy over the last 5 years, Brooks Institute is shutting its doors, cancelling fall semester.


New Instagram Feature | ‘Save Draft’ Is A Much Welcomed Addition

Instagram is a company on a mission of late, and here's their latest new feature that will be welcomed across the board.


VSCO Has Opened Up Their NYC Studio To Public Use, For Free

Today we’re excited to announce VSCO Open Studio, an opportunity for photographers to come and create in our New York...


My Unconventional One-Question Interview With Nigel Barker | Breaking Into Industry & How He Can Help You Do it

The kind of advice and insight you typically have to earn over decades, is just given up.

eye-fi-mobi-apple-patent-fuji-x-t2-4 copy

Eye-Fi Capitulates: Will Not Brick All Old Cards, But The Solution Seems Lamentable

Eye-Fi has responded to the torrent of complaints, but the solution appears to be just to placate.


Robotic Cameras Get In On The Action For The 2016 Rio Olympics

See what new tech Getty has up their sleeve for documenting this years Olympic games.