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The Unfortunate History of Racial Bias In Photography

Find out how skin tone bias from 1940's film development plays a role in society's misrepresentation of darker skin...


SmartPhones Killed The Point & Shoot But Extends Life Of DSLR Sales

The camera phone kills it's direct rival and drives sales of the bigger cameras, and more.


How & Why To Back Button Focus A Nikon With CreativeLive Instructor Mike Hagen

Set it up once, and you'll likely never want to change it.


How to Become a Better Photographer | A Visual Exercise

London Photographer Sean Tucker gives us a priceless lesson for life that applies to how we photograph the world around...


Canon 5D MK IV Dual Pixel RAW | Focus Adjustment In Post? Higher Dynamic Range?

Dual Pixel Raw - expect to be hearing lots more about this in coming weeks, but here's what we think thus far.


Instagram Filters Correlate to Depression, Researchers Discover

Researchers from Harvard University and The University of Vermont conducted a study that explores what your Instagram...


Raw Vs. JPEG | Karl Taylor Quickly Demonstrates & Explains Why You Should Be Shooting Raw

Karl Taylor weighs in on one of the leading debates, perhaps more important now than ever with the progress of JPEGs


Google Hammers The Final Nail In The Coffin Steve Jobs Built For Adobe Flash | A Warning For Photographers

Photographers that haven't already updated their sites from flash, have about 4 months to do so.


Phase One Media Pro SE Review | The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Media Pro SE is promising, but is it complete, and is it for you?


Instagram Toolbox: Choosing a Camera To Take Great Instagram Photos

Comparable to starting your journey as a Pokemon trainer given the option of squirtle, bulbasaur, or charmander, the...


The Brooks Institute Is No More & Closes a 70 Year Chapter In Formal Photography Education

Somewhat marred by controversy over the last 5 years, Brooks Institute is shutting its doors, cancelling fall semester.


The Top 10 Pieces OF Gear Requested By Olympic Sports Photographers In Rio

So a lot’s been happening in the Olympics photography world over the past two weeks as the throngs of people and...


Top 5 Must Have Fujifilm X Lenses

Whether you're new to Fuji, or looking to expand your lens line-up this is a quick and clean guide to the lenses to...


5 Ways To Strengthen Client Communication & Resolve Shoot Concerns

Develop a strong rapport with your clients and strengthen your line of communication by building trust through your...


My Unconventional One-Question Interview With Nigel Barker | Breaking Into Industry & How He Can Help You Do it

The kind of advice and insight you typically have to earn over decades, is just given up.