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Top Wedding Photographers Give Their Best Piece of Advice To Beginners

We've turned to some of the top wedding photographers in the world to share with us their best piece of advice for a...


3 Simple Strategies for a Successful Wedding Venue Open House

Here are 3 simple strategies that you can implement now to pull off a successful wedding venue open house


Pairing The Canon 1Dx MK II + Sigma 35mm Art Lens Creates A Weird Effect | Here’s The Fix

What happens when you take a new Canon flagship camera and pair it with a beautiful Sigma 35mm art? This, but there's a...


Nikon Now Allowing Grey-Market Camera Repairs In the USA

Nikon adds high-end bodies to list of cameras that can be sent to authorized third party repair shops, and allows grey...


The Best Hard Drive For Photographers

The numbers are in, and billions of drive hours later, here are the recommendations for best hard drive for...

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30 Days Of Genius | The Best Advice From The Best Creatives, For Free

Richard Branson, Jared Leto, Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin, and Mark Cuban are just a few of the people to...


5 Compelling Reasons To Add A Sony Pro Mirrorless Camera | There’s No Need to Switch Systems

You don't have to switch systems to enjoy the full benefit of a Sony pro mirrorless. It's the perfect complement to any...


Instagram’s New Logo Was A Distraction To Their Main Play This Week

Instagram's new logo has caused a great deal of upset, but what they did on the sly will likely cause more, even though...


5 Tips for Photography In Familiar Locations

If you're stuck in a creative rut because your photography takes you to the same locations time and again, these 5 tips...


What’s New With SLR Lounge | Changelog

5.25.2016 – Holdfast Gear Added to Partner Page We’re very excited to announce that Holdfast Gear has joined...


150 Best International Wedding Photographers For 2016

After researching for weeks, analyzing thousands of portfolios, and getting expert opinions from industry leaders, here...


Lighting the Nude Female Form With Geometric Patterns & Shadows {NSFW}

Photographer Dani Olivier dresses his models with geometric patterns created with light and shadows, not Photoshop.


How To Cull & Layout Images For A Story | Don’t Tell A Story If It’s Boring, Even If It’s True

Alexi Lubomirski shares a look at his workflow and gives practical advice on how to cull and what to think about when...


8 Best Photography Books To Help You Become a Better Photographer

Take some time to engage your brain with one of these 'best photography book' recommendations from the SLR Lounge team.


The Met Gala’s Photo Booth Should Be Your Next Wedding Photo Booth

Everyone loves photo booths but your average photo is stale. Wedding photographers could take some inspiration from this...

Contests Featured Entries for "Most Creative Newborn Portrait"

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SLR Lounge Premium 6-Month Subscription

The Challenge

Newborn photos are one of the best places to let your creativity run free with all of your different props, backdrops, and composite possibilities. Submit your most creative newborn portrait and the winner will receive a 6-month subscription to our new SLR Lounge Premium Membership. The winning entry will be selected from the top 20 vote-getting entries by SLR Lounge Editors. Limit one (1) entry per person. Click here to learn more about SLR Premium Membership.