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Grow Your Wedding Business Today with Shotkit’s New Ebook || A Review of More Brides

More Brides, in brief, tells you exactly what to do to book clients. There's no fluff and no wasted pages.


If You’re A Photographer That Never Bought Into SnapChat, Instagram Stories Is Your Friend

So Instagram launched their new update not too long ago, implementing another media sharing platform within the app...


You Want To Publish Your Favorite Photos But Your Client Prefers Privacy. What Do You Do?

Is it too much to ask that you just want to see your hard work come to fruition?


5 Reasons Photographers Make Great , Successful, Wedding Filmmakers | Ray Roman

You're already ahead of the pack, and here's why and how to capitalize on it.

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Instagram Toolbox: Website Platforms

With every artist comes the need for a gallery to put their hard work on display. Instagram is a great tool to use...


5 Tips for Photographers for Bridal Show Success

We make no secret about the fact that we regularly participate as vendors in bridal shows; we always book amazing...


Using Instagram’s New ‘Stories’ Feature for Photography Marketing

Instagram's new 'Stories' feature unlocks a whole new world of marketing capabilities for photographers.


5 Ways To Strengthen Client Communication & Resolve Shoot Concerns

Develop a strong rapport with your clients and strengthen your line of communication by building trust through your...


How Much You Should Charge for Photography

One of the most asked questions I hear from aspiring photographers is “How much should I charge for photography?”...


10 Creative Ways to Supplement Your Photography Income

Stepping outside your niche to a related genre or skill can boost your income and essentially become your "bread and...


Wedding Photography Kit for a $20,000 Budget | Ask SLR Lounge

What if you had a budget of $20,000 for gear for your business - what would you buy? Here, we break it all down for you.


5 Tips On Marketing Your Photography Business Online | Ask SLR Lounge

WE touch on the pros and cons of paid publication sites, client reviews, Instagram, and how to network.


How To Book Your First Destination Wedding In Just 10 Days

Whether we like to admit it or not, for us wedding photographers, destination wedding photography has a certain...


3 Tips on Shooting Alongside Wedding Cinematographers | Ask SLR Lounge

Work alongside cinematographers to produce quality products worth your client's investment.

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How to Market Your Photography Business with Client Testimonials

Smart photographers use the principles of social proof to market their businesses. One of the easiest, not to mention...