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DJI Mavic | The Personal Drone To Dash GoPro Dreams

One of the biggest pieces of news to break at Photokina this year (and there were many), was the much anticipated...

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A Creative, DIY Solution for Modifying Window Light For Gorgeous Portraits

An inventive way to add versatility to a classic light source.


Your Photos Are Not Uploading To Facebook In HD By Default | Here’s The Fix

The mobile phone user world has photo fever, or perhaps even down with photo plague as is evidenced by the fact...


Mac OS Sierra Might Break Compatibility With Lightroom & Photoshop

Apple’s newest operating system was released a few days ago. While the temptation to immediately update is...


What Should You Do When Your Friends & Family Don’t Support Your Career?

Where do you source your strength if your loved ones disapprove of your dreams?


Sigma Issues A Lens Incompatibility Warning For Canon 5D Mark IV & Other EOS Cameras

Earlier this year, as Pye took delivery of an early Canon 1DX MK II with original firmware, we noticed just before he...


Should You Get A Degree In Photography? | The Case For A Formal Photography Education From A Recent Grad

There is a debate in the photo community about whether or not it’s worth the time, money, and energy it takes to...


Lightroom Faster | New Update Makes A Known Speed Hack Unnecessary

If you threw a rock in a room of 10 Lightroom users you’re bound to hit 8 or 9 who had a performance complaint. Out...


Amazon Announces ‘Prints’ & Shutterfly Stock Landslides

When you’ve got that Bezos ideology, fearlessness, and perhaps most importantly, money, you can do some truly...


Comparing The Fujifilm GFX 50S To The Hasselblad X1D | At First Glance

In a way-too-early comparison between the newest medium-format kids on the block, we take a look at the Hasselblad...


Simple Window Light Portraits | How I Shot It

There is something incredible about being able to play with lights and shoot in a studio environment. With access to...

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5 Photography Podcasts Worth Your Time

We’re not ones to watch movies while culling or editing, and we spend quite a bit of time doing both because we...


Tokina & Samyang Release New Fast Primes | 14mm, 20mm, 85mm

Samyang and Tokina have been garnering significantly more attention these days as they release new fast primes....


Bokeh On A Budget | Make Your Very Own 50mm f/1.2 for Just $20

Get the bokeh you have always dreamed for with this handy D.I.Y trick for just $20.


Ansel Adams On Pre-Visualization & Photographic Education

Ansel Adams was a luminary in photography. His landscape work entertains a global audience, and even till this day,...