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New! Ultimate Panoramic Stitching (Brenizer Method) Workshop

Combining Wide Aperture Panoramic Stitching (AKA Brenizer Method) with other creative effects to create imagery that...


How & Why To Back Button Focus A Nikon With CreativeLive Instructor Mike Hagen

Set it up once, and you'll likely never want to change it.


Free Interactive Webinar | Speed Up Your Workflow with the Lightroom Presets

A fast and efficient workflow is just a webinar away! We’re hosting this webinar to showing you how to use the SLR...


How to Become a Better Photographer | A Visual Exercise

London Photographer Sean Tucker gives us a priceless lesson for life that applies to how we photograph the world around...


New Firmware for Sony A7R II Adds Camera Stability & Support For New Wireless Radio Triggers

Sony brings some decent changes through firmware updates


Raw Vs. JPEG | Karl Taylor Quickly Demonstrates & Explains Why You Should Be Shooting Raw

Karl Taylor weighs in on one of the leading debates, perhaps more important now than ever with the progress of JPEGs


Excire Search | A Smart Lightroom Plugin That’s Like Google Search For Your Pictures (No Tags Required)

Just type in a quality or a feature or a color of or in the photo, and Excire finds what you're looking for.


How To Photograph At Night | A Breakdown With Stuart Palley

How to think about, approach, and execute night photography.

bride's shoes

5 Can’t-Miss Bridal Detail Shots (with Image Inspiration)

When you are preparing for your first, or next wedding, make sure you have these "5 Bridal Detail Shots" included on the...


Pacing a Fuji X-T2 | Shooting Dancers Through Rain & NYC City Grime With Omar Z. Robles

See how street photographer Omar Robles uses the FujiFilm XT2 to capture the juxtaposition of elegant ballerinas in the...


My Unconventional One-Question Interview With Nigel Barker | Breaking Into Industry & How He Can Help You Do it

The kind of advice and insight you typically have to earn over decades, is just given up.


How To Modify Bright Backgrounds Using a Scrim With Joel Grimes

A great highlight of the ease and benefit of a scrim for portraits


Breed On Fashion Photography’s Catch 22 | Working With Agency Represented Models

You knew it was important, but probably not to this extent.


Kevin Smith Is A Class Act As He Runs A ‘Clinic’ On Dealing With Criticism

When confronted by a critical audience member, Kevin Smith demonstrates an intelligent way of thinking and dealing with...


Why One Photographer Is Giving His Images Away For Free

Photographer Samuel Zeller makes more in value than in profit - see why he chose to release 184 of his images free to...

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