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Apple Teases Possible Dual Camera Upgrade for IPhone 7

Double the trouble - looks like the IPhone 7 is getting a much needed upgrade.


The Pirelli Calendar Returns To Form With Peter Lindbergh | New Site, Old School

Pirelli reunites with Peter Lindbergh for the 2017 Calendar, and thus far it looks like a return to roots


Ensure That Your Engagement Session Rocks: 5 Planning Tips

Besides being the best way to get to know your couple prior to their wedding, engagement sessions often come with fewer...


UPDATE | Squijoo Camera Giveaway: Win a Canon 5DS R, Nikon D810, or Sony A7R II!

SLR Lounge and Squijoo want to give you one of the hottest cameras on the market, and here's how.


A Peek Inside An Ansel Adams Workshop & Examples Of His 35mm Work And Portraiture

An insightful look into lesser known aspects of Ansel's life.


Fujifilm Release New XF 23mm f/2 & Selfie centered X-A3

We have known for some time that Fujifilm was going to announce another 23mm in 2016, thanks to their lens roadmap....


Creating Unique Lens Flares | Facebook Live

Here are two techniques using inexpensive items to create simple lens flares without the hassle.


New! Panoramic Stitching (Brenizer Method) Workshop

Combining Wide Aperture Panoramic Stitching (AKA Brenizer Method) with other creative effects to create imagery that...


How & Why To Back Button Focus A Nikon With CreativeLive Instructor Mike Hagen

Set it up once, and you'll likely never want to change it.


Free Interactive Webinar | Speed Up Your Workflow with the Lightroom Presets

A fast and efficient workflow is just a webinar away! We’re hosting this webinar to showing you how to use the SLR...


How to Become a Better Photographer | A Visual Exercise

London Photographer Sean Tucker gives us a priceless lesson for life that applies to how we photograph the world around...


New Firmware for Sony A7R II Adds Camera Stability & Support For New Wireless Radio Triggers

Sony brings some decent changes through firmware updates


Raw Vs. JPEG | Karl Taylor Quickly Demonstrates & Explains Why You Should Be Shooting Raw

Karl Taylor weighs in on one of the leading debates, perhaps more important now than ever with the progress of JPEGs


Excire Search | A Smart Lightroom Plugin That’s Like Google Search For Your Pictures (No Tags Required)

Just type in a quality or a feature or a color of or in the photo, and Excire finds what you're looking for.


How To Photograph At Night | A Breakdown With Stuart Palley

How to think about, approach, and execute night photography.