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Photoshop Tutorial | Why & When You Should Use The Healing Brush Tool With A Hard Edge

Retouching a photo is one of those things that are both loved and detested at once. The ability to transform and or...

breed-brittany-smith New

Review: Breed Portfolio Building Day | What It’s Like & What You’ll Get

Transitioning into full blown fashion photography is not for the faint of heart. The amount of work that goes into...

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DxO Ranks The iPhone 7 Highly, But Clearly Puts To Bed The Notion It’s The Best Phone Camera Out There

So it’s the weekend, and if the sales figures, search figures, and waiting list times are any indication, many of...

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Zeiss Batis 85mm f/1.8 | A Concise Review Of A Sexy 85

The first thing that strikes you about the Zeiss Batis 85/1.8 is the design. It’s smooth, sleek, has contoured...


How To Easily Crop & Resize To Exact Dimensions In Photoshop Using One Tool

Resizing has been a topic of much discussion in the past few years, and continues to become an even more prevalent...


Why You Have No Followers & What It Truly Takes To Change That

With a title like that, chances are those of you who don’t know me might have visited my Instagram or Facebook page...


Lightroom Mobile Gets Stronger & Adds DNG Raw Support For iPhone 7 Plus’ Portrait Mode

When it was sneakily announced at WWDC a little while back that the new iOS 10 would be supporting RAW files in a way...


The Dangers of Gear Acquisition Syndrome

What do you do when gear lust turns into obsession? Here are some tips to avoid a bad case of G.A.S.


Sigma Lenses Are Coming to Sony FE-Mount, Finally

Arguably the most disruptive camera in recent memory has to be the Sony A7, and its many, many variants. It came on...


ON1 Photo Raw | A Closer Look At ON1’s Lightroom & Capture One Competitor

It is generally accepted that when it comes to post processing, it’s an ‘old boys club’, and the members are...


DJI Mavic | The Personal Drone To Dash GoPro Dreams

One of the biggest pieces of news to break at Photokina this year (and there were many), was the much anticipated...


A Creative, DIY Solution for Modifying Window Light For Gorgeous Portraits

An inventive way to add versatility to a classic light source.


Your Photos Are Not Uploading To Facebook In HD By Default | Here’s The Fix

The mobile phone user world has photo fever, or perhaps even down with photo plague as is evidenced by the fact...


Mac OS Sierra Might Break Compatibility With Lightroom & Photoshop

Apple’s newest operating system was released a few days ago. While the temptation to immediately update is...


What Should You Do When Your Friends & Family Don’t Support Your Career?

Where do you source your strength if your loved ones disapprove of your dreams?