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What Is Mirror Lock Up & Electronic First Curtain Shutter?

Mirror lock up is an SLR camera feature that has been around for many years, yet you may have never used it before!...

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Tips On Servo & Focusing Modes | Ask SLR Lounge

Today we're talking focusing modes and efficiency.

5 Tiffen ND Filters For Every Price Point

Between filming Lighting 101 & Lighting 201, we got our hands on a set of Tiffen ND Filters that were actually on...

8 Affordable White Backdrop Options

Minimalism is a concept often utilized in photography. There's nothing more minimal than a white backdrop. Here are 8...

How To Build Your Wedding Portfolio Without Working For Another Photographer | Ask SLR Lounge

Here are some tips on how to build a robust portfolio that is both compelling and noteworthy without ever working for...

Tips on Using the Wacom Tablet in Lightroom & Photoshop | Ask SLR Lounge

In our latest Ask SLR Lounge we're discussing the use of Wacom tablets in both Lightroom & Photoshop.


How Much You Should Charge for Photography

One of the most asked questions I hear from aspiring photographers is “How much should I charge for photography?”...


10 Creative Ways to Supplement Your Photography Income

Stepping outside your niche to a related genre or skill can boost your income and essentially become your "bread and...