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Insights & Thoughts Loupedeck+ Review: A Big Improvement From The Original
How does the Loupedeck+ compare with its predecessor? Is it worth the time it takes to learn to use it? The answers...


SLR Lounge original tutorials and resources.

Original Series Community Photo Critique – Couples Posing Edition
Pye Jirsa February 14, 2019
Check out our latest episode of Community Critique focused on couples posing!
Original Series
I never thought I'd see a day when arguments like Film vs Digital would appear tame compared to something else! Yet, here we are...
Original Series
A big misconception in the photography industry is that creativity is something that you’re simply born with and something that can’t be...
Original Series
There are some massive waves in society that are changing the marriage ritual, and some of these changes are washing over the wedding photography...
Original Series
A make or break year
Original Series
It’s a pretty huge stereotype among experienced photographers, to always, always, always shoot in Manual.
Original Series
Join Amii and Andy Kauth as they interview the award winners, leaders, and incredible artists in the SLR Lounge Community.
Original Series
Do you ever feel like the "standard" zoom ranges, such as 24-70mm and 70-200mm, just aren't practical for what YOU do as a photographer? You're not...
Original Series
Mirror lock up is an SLR camera feature that has been around for many years, yet you may have never used it before! If you’re a serious landscape...
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