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Tips On Servo & Focusing Modes | Ask SLR Lounge

Today we're talking focusing modes and efficiency.


5 Tiffen ND Filters For Every Price Point

Between filming Lighting 101 & Lighting 201, we got our hands on a set of Tiffen ND Filters that were actually on...


8 Affordable White Backdrop Options

Minimalism is a concept often utilized in photography. There's nothing more minimal than a white backdrop. Here are 8...


How To Build Your Wedding Portfolio Without Working For Another Photographer | Ask SLR Lounge

Here are some tips on how to build a robust portfolio that is both compelling and noteworthy without ever working for...


Tips on Using the Wacom Tablet in Lightroom & Photoshop | Ask SLR Lounge

In our latest Ask SLR Lounge we're discussing the use of Wacom tablets in both Lightroom & Photoshop.


How Much You Should Charge for Photography

One of the most asked questions I hear from aspiring photographers is “How much should I charge for photography?”...


10 Creative Ways to Supplement Your Photography Income

Stepping outside your niche to a related genre or skill can boost your income and essentially become your "bread and...


No Studio? No Problem: 5 Simple Lighting Setups for Portraits On-location

5 simple lighting setup for portraits on-location, including specific examples, BTS shots, and diagrams.


No Studio, No Problem: How to Create Stunning Head Shots in Any Location

Five tips, including gear suggestions, for successfully shooting head shots on-location.

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How to Market Your Photography Business with Client Testimonials

Smart photographers use the principles of social proof to market their businesses. One of the easiest, not to mention...


Do You Need a Business Coach? 5 Reasons to Hire One ASAP

Here are 5 reasons you should hire a business coach as soon as possible if you want to get out of a slump or grow...


Market Your Photography Business & Boost SEO with Guest Blog Posts

A breakdown and guide for those of you who are serious about getting clients, and maintaining a business.


What Art Directors and Designers Look for in Photographs

Ever wondered what art directors & designers look for when purchasing photographs? Here's a look into their minds...


Ask SLR Lounge Anything!

Hello Everyone!  We’re starting a new format for our “Ask SLR Lounge” series.  This is an open...


How to Use One Light Flash Photography for a Professional Look

Flash photography doesn't have to cost a fortune. Here are some ways to use one inexpensive Speedlite to create...