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As the popularity of everything wireless continues, it comes as no surprise that this demand is crossing over into the realm of photography....
Lighting Tips
The world of lighting modifiers can be imposing and confusing. In fact modifiers are probably a more daunting obstacle than wireless flash itself...
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It’s a pretty huge stereotype among experienced photographers, to always, always, always shoot in Manual.
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Do you ever feel like the "standard" zoom ranges, such as 24-70mm and 70-200mm, just aren't practical for what YOU do as a photographer? You're not...
It wasn’t long ago that digital medium format was a mythic beast, out of reach for all but those who were wealthy enough to drop as much cash as...
Gear & Apps
You’ve seen specs online and are probably wondering,  “what makes the new DJI Spark so noteworthy?” It is a perfect example of...
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