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Casey Neistat Looks For The Best Vlogging Camera | Sony vs Canon

By Justin Heyes on January 26th 2017

There are three things Vloggers need in order to have a successful career: a camera, a good microphone, and something to talk about. Youtube Vlogger Casey Neistat usually has plenty of things to talk about (intermingled with crazy antics), which is evident in his daily vlog which ran for more than 600 consecutive days. Now the wildly popular and influential personality is dishing on the gear he uses and why a long time switch just occurred.

The microphone of choice for the Youtuber comes in two flavors, as the Shure VP83 and the venerable Rode VideoMic Pro. When it comes to his daily driver, nothing beats the Canon 80D with its flip-out touch screen display.  “This flip-out screen is everything when shooting blogs,” exclaims Neistat in one of his recent videos.


Neistat is not light on his gear, having burned through twelve Canon 80Ds in his over the year and a half daily shooting; but when his Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L lens broke, and Canon refused to fix it, the Canon loyalist threatened to switch to Sony, which he had resisted for a very long time.

In his unorthodox tech review, Casey Neistat goes out to find if the Sony A7sII is a suitable replacement for his beloved Canon 80D.

The Sony A7sII is a go-to camera for many vloggers, but Neistat faults it for not having a flip-out touch screen, where it instead relies on tiny buttons to change focus points. The A7sII is a fantastic camera for video with its full frame sensor capable of producing UHD 4K/30p with log output; Neistat himself praises the Sony’s robustness and image quality.

The clinching argument in the video is that the A7sII is a not well-suited camera for vlogging. What Neistat fails to realize is the Sony relies on its Wifi and mobile application to combat the flip-out screen – something Canon has failed at implementing well. Most of us already have a 4-6 inch display in our pockets that can be used in be utilized for external touch displays for cameras like the Sony A7 line.

Time will tell if Neistat chooses to stay with Sony of if he will make another video where he switches to the GH5. My bet will be on a rebuttal video where Neistat finds the feature set of the Sony, similar to what happened in his review of the Mavic Pro.


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Justin Heyes wants to live in a world where we have near misses and absolute hits; great love and small disasters. Starting his career as a gaffer, he has done work for QVC and The Rachel Ray Show, but quickly fell in love with photography. When he’s not building arcade machines, you can find him at local flea markets or attending car shows.

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  1. ken tatas

    This seems to be good to follow. Thanks for your comparison. I love to do vlogging, but don’t have much time, so I make personal blog:, this may have similar guides.

    | |
  2. Will Azevedo

    I can feel the pain of not having a flip-out screen on the A7SII, but I do think it’s less important with that camera. I mean, you are using a full-frame sensor, and probably a wide-angle lens. Do you really need help to get yourself and others in the frame? The A7SII still has many advantages and other vloggers use it because of its amazing quality and size. I definitely think it’s still worth it and I usually write about it as one of the best vlogging cameras.

    Btw, how does Casey manage to destroy so many cameras in such short time? He must be recording A LOT.

    | |
  3. Martin Waghorn

    I’ve been looking for a decent flip screen vlogging camera for a while, I can’t decide between the Canon g7 or the Sonny model – , anyone got any suggestions?

    | |
  4. Lee G

    A few other vloggers use the A7sII Justin Escalona and seem to like it a lot.

    | |
  5. Ant Motton

    I can’t be the only one who wanted to punch the screen or hoped he fell off his board….and people wonder why society is in ruins with kids looking up to people like him….man I’m old….

    | |
  6. adam sanford

    Can we talk about the real problem here?

    Why is storing his gear like that? That’s a crime against photography.

    | |
  7. Kyle Stauffer

    I think he would have been better off buying an A6500…. Or yeah, a GH5.

    | |
  8. Daniel Ott

    As you say, Sony might combat the flip-out screen argument by using your phone instead, but that’s not ideal for vloggers who whip out their cameras at a moments notice. Especially someone like Casey – the ultimate multitasker – whose often cruising around NY on his Boosted board, filming himself with his DSLR in one hand and flying a drone with the other! :)

    | |
    • Kishore Sawh

      For sure. It’s an option, and for some situations an even better one that what Canon has, but Sony should be addressing this already, without question.

      | |