Capture One Pro is the raw processing software of choice for color science connoisseurs and tethering enthusiasts, but if you’re on a shoestring budget it can be hard to add another software subscription to monthly expenses no matter the benefits.

If you’re a student who appreciates the finer things in photography life but hasn’t quite been able to squeeze a Capture One Pro subscription into your monthly expenses, today brings amazing news. Capture One has just announced a massive 65% discount on their software subscription exclusively for students.

The discount applies to both monthly and annual subscription options, bringing the price down to a scant EUR $8,40 / USD $7 / GBP $7 per month or EUR $77 / GBP $63 / USD $63 per year.

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The discount is part of an initiative geared toward students, with the theme, “See beyond. Trust your vision. Trust your tools.” Students are encouraged to participate on social media by sharing their work with the hashtag #trustyourvision and taking part in a new group on Facebook called “Capture One Creative Lab – Students.”

Student or no, if you haven’t tried Capture One Pro yet, it’s worth checking out their full-featured 30-day trial which you can download here. There are also free, (with reduced feature set) Capture One Express versions available for Fuji and Sony shooters, and discounted brand-specific Capture One Pro versions for the same that exclude support for other brands. You can find all the pricing information and download links on Capture One’s site, here.