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New Capture One Pro 8 Makes It Easier Than Ever To Switch From Lightroom/Aperture

By Anthony Thurston on September 20th 2014

Apple killed off Aperture, and many are disenfranchised with Adobe’s push into the Creative Cloud (CC), which leaves Capture One as probably the top option to those out there who are looking to stay current on their software, but don’t want to go the CC route.

Just announced this week, Capture One Pro 8 comes with some great new features that will help it compete better with the likes of Adobe’s Lightroom 5, or lure users away from the now obsolete Apple Aperture software. They even announced the addition of some easy migration tools to help users transfer their images from Lightroom and Aperture to Capture One.


Capture One Pro 8 New Features

  • Catalogs
  • Film Grain
  • Keystone Correction
  • Live View
  • Repair Layers
  • Vast Speed Improvements

The addition of catalogs and repair layers are features that Lightroom users will be happy to know have been added. These are both key features of the Lightroom experience, so users moving or trying to move to Capture One will be able to find at least some familiarity.


Probably the thing that has caught my eye as a Lightroom user is those speed improvements that Capture One is boasting. According to their site, Capture One Pro 8 has multi-GPU support, allowing users to take full advantage of the power of their computer’s power.

[REWIND: Canon 7D Mark II Video Test and Comparison]

I am not quite ready to jump the Lightroom ship just yet, but I am hoping that these impressive speed improvements kick Adobe’s butt into gear on optimizing Lightroom performance and allowing it to fully utilize system resources.

If you are interested in giving Capture One a shot, you can give it a try for 60 days free. If you are already sold, you can buy it for $299, or go the subscription route and it’s yours for just $10 a month.

*Sidenote: Use the code “AMBJOE” to get 10% off Capture One Pro 8


What are your thoughts on this latest version of Capture One Pro 8? Does the Lightroom team need to worry? Leave a comment below!

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. I.G. Romov

    Subscription only model from Adobe + Find New Software. Have already replaced much of CS6 with Sony Products. Admit AE is a stumbling block BUT will persist. LR6 tips Adobe’s hand at now trying the subscription model at the most basic consumer level. Am actively looking for replacement and Capture One is a very strong option. What is not an option is staying with Adobe.

    | |
  2. Derek Grant

    I will definitely check this out, I am “out of sorts” with the Lightroom and CC options, with Aperture approaching redundancy another option is always good.

    | |
  3. Maria Fernanda Gonzalez

    How about the DxO softwares and film packs? Has anyone tried this / think they’re a good option ?

    | |
    • Joseph Ford

      I used both the Film Pack and others. I really like their Nose reduction software and Film Packs. I would recommend them.

      | |
  4. Jacob Jexmark

    I switched just a few days ago when 8 launched. Used 7 Trial and got hooked on the amount of detail and sharpness C1 can extract and as mentioned, skin tones are rendered better. Tethering awesomeness is a big bonus too. Still can’t let LR go completely though, I still find myself culling my images there because of one feature alone. Survey mode. Maybe there is one in C1 and I just haven’t found it?

    My culling workflow:

    1) Import into LR.
    2) Mark all images 5 Rating .
    3) Set LR to show only 5 rated images.
    4) Select 10-20 images at a time in survey mode and just hit 1 for the images you want to get culled.
    5) Repeat until you have your selections.
    6) Export selected images to DNG.
    7) Import in C1.
    8) Edit.

    Maybe not the most intuitive way of doing things and I might change it but for the short while I’ve used C1 it has worked fine. It’s pretty quick to do it this way, even if it seems like many steps.

    | |
  5. Fredrik Olsson

    Any chance we will be seeing your LR Preset system for Capture One Pro?

    Being a Lightroom user from day one I’m finally starting to realize that LR will never be optimized. Like the rest of Adobes apps. They just keep adding features, which is a good thing, but everything just gets slower and slower. It takes forever to sort, reject, tag and process files. And because of my reluctancy to spend the time it takes to do it my to-do folder just get bigger and bigger. The only two things that keeps me from migrating is the LR Preset system and my VCSO film packs.

    | |
  6. Richard Neal

    I switched earlier this year and the quality beats lightroom hands down. The only problems I had was a lot of instability so im looking forward to editing my next big job with version 8 to see if its fixed.

    Either way im sticking with it :)

    | |
  7. Braden Storrs

    This is definitely the tool to go with right now. I’ve been testing it out and am pretty happy with the results. Forced Creative Cloud is reason enough to leave Adobe but on top of that you get a better processing engine.

    | |
  8. Black Z Eddie

    I switched from LR to C1 about 1 month ago. As many have noted (other articles), it just has better RAW processing and it is faster. With LR, I would first cull through the images in Library mode because it’s way faster than Develop. Then, the final culling stages, I would use Develop mode because images are better rendered, though slower.

    With C1, I can fly through the images. Freakin’ amazing.

    | |
  9. Herm Tjioe

    Tethered shooting is supposedly CaptureOne stronger feature. That is enough for me to consider using it. I just hate the persistent disconnect of Lr4

    | |
    • fotosiamo

      My favorite part about tethering with Capture One is the Focus Mask, so when images come in, you can display an overlay to show you which part of the image is in focus. Sooo handy!

      | |
    • Herm Tjioe

      Thanks for this nugget, I look forward to soon giving this a trial run. The more I hear the more I like

      | |
    • Eric Mazzone

      How does that work? I just won a copy of C1 at a workshop and am looking at jumping ship from LR/PS.

      | |
  10. fotosiamo

    Also, Capture One now supports Live View when tethering with a good number of Canon and Nikon DSLRs, too.

    | |
  11. fotosiamo

    Been using Lightroom, but have pretty much switched over to Capture One since last year. It’s a whole lot better for tethering (industry standard with commercial and fashion photographers) and just overall better RAW processor than Lightroom.

    Usually, you do get better skin color and the performance is faster overall, too.

    | |
  12. Andrew Van Arb

    I’ll have to check this out, although I have been using Adobe products for years and I am very satisfied with their lineup.

    | |