Have you ever been in front of a beautiful scene wanting to capture it with your camera and think: “I wish I had a cheat sheet to help me transform the glorious vista before my eyes into an incredible landscape photo?” Well now you’re in luck! Canon has released  “The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Taking Landscape Photos.” The guide includes tips on choosing the right camera, the time of day you should shoot, how to compose your shot well, and more! So if you’re heading out to an incredible location or just want to take some great photos around town, check out the tips below and save it to review later.

Canon’s Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Taking Landscape Photos

While there’s only 6 tips in this infographic, each one is important and is guaranteed to help step up the game on your landscape images. Be sure to choose the right equipment for the job like investing in a proper tripod, not being afraid to use accessories like a good ND filter, and know what time of day is best for your location.

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Tip 4: Find a Wide Backdrop (Photo by Matthew Saville)

Tip 3 – Watch Your Composition (Image by Matthew Saville)

Tip 2 Shooting During Golden Hour

Following this guild will definitely be a great help and if you’d like more tips on Landscape photography, be sure to check out our resources here. But do you have any additional tips? Let us know in the comments below.

Here are a few examples of these tips in practice: