Canon’s new T6i and T6s are starting to arrive in stores across the globe and look to capture the imaginations of newbie photographers everywhere. But what makes these any better than the last generation T5i? Or the slightly older SL1?


In the case of the T6s, you get a few slightly more professional features including a top LCD and a couple more dials. The T6i is, well, more of the same – your average Rebel line update. That said, these are both very capable cameras in a variety of situations.

Chris Nicholls and the team at the Camera Store TV recently took both new bodies out for a spin and did one of their wonderful video reviews. It is well worth the watch for anyone even slightly considering a new Rebel T6i or T6s.

If you are interested, you can get your hands on either camera over on B&H now. The T6i comes in at $749 while you can nab the slightly more premium T6s for just a $100 more at $849.

What are your thoughts on the new T6i and T6s from Canon? Do you think that these new models fit well into the current market or is Canon again lagging behind the curve? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!