I recently shared my initial thoughts on the lens myself, but Dave Dugdale over at Learning SLR Video just put put together a quick head-to-head video between Canon’s new 16-35mm and Tokina’s 16-28mm.

I have been hearing a lot about the 16-35mm F/4’s sharpness from corner to corner being “prime lens comparable.” From what I could see in the video, it seemed to me that on sharpness alone, the two lenses were very similar, but at the extreme corners, it looked as if there was more distortion from the Tokina. I noticed that in both of the shots.

[REWIND: Canon’s New 16-35mm F/4L IS Initial Thoughts]

That being said, the price difference between these two lenses makes the Tokina a clear choice to anyone with budget on their mind, unless of course, image stabilization is the key feature for you.


For me, this isn’t so much a knock on the Canon, you pay a premium for the “L” brand and the IS. Performance-wise, it holds up to the Tokina, and for many, it will be a great choice. As with any lens purchase, it really just depends on your situation, and how much you can afford.


What are your thoughts on this quick test from Dave? Do you think the Canon is worth x2 as much as the Tokina? Leave a comment below!

[via Dave Dugdale]