Canon’s Drool-Worthy London Olympics Gear Room

August 1st 2012 12:37 PM

Do you know what the Olympics bring besides a lot of photographers and a lot of photos? A whole room-full of camera gear! Just take a look at the Canon Professional Services’ storage room, as shown on PetaPixel, courtesy of Gerard McGovern of Getty Images.

The room does makes me wish I’m on a shopping spree game show right now. All in all, as one of the commentors mentioned, with an average of $6,800 per 1D-X body times about 420 bodies, there is about $2.8 million in camera bodies alone. Who knows how many lenses are there, but it is surely in the multi-millions of dollars in value. Let’s just say that there are enough Canon gear to make even Roger Cicala from LensRental.com jealous =D

All images credited to Gerard McGovern of Getty Images.

Canon Olympics Gear Room by Gerard McGovern/Getty Images

Canon Olympics Gear Room by Gerard McGovern of Getty Images

Canon Olympics Gear Room by Gerard McGovern of Getty Images

Canon Olympics Gear Room by Gerard McGovern of Getty Images

Thanks to PetaPixel for the heads up!


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  1. Ed Rhodes


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  2. Grimes

    That is an equipment stash if I’ve ever saw one.  That is incredible. 

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  3. kitekrazy

    A large second hand sale coming soon!!!!

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  4. Adam

    I need a setup, donations??

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  5. Shelly Laird Hoffman


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  6. dim

    is it possible to get to a stage to work at the olypics and get a chance to use all these lens

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  7. Hannah

    What happens to all the cameras when they are done at the Olympics?

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  8. lisacng

    I’m drooling

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  9. Kelvin Brink

    One minute to grab just one bad ass lens

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