Canon has been taking a lot of flack over the last product cycle about the state of their camera sensors. The DxO’s of the world have made it pretty clear that Canon’s sensors are lagging behind that of their competitors in many key areas. It appears that Canon may be making alliances to end that problem, at least according to the rumor mill…


According to a new rumor report over on Canon Watch, “a very good source” has told him that Canon’s rumored upcoming Multi-Layer ‘Foveon Like’ sensor will, in fact, be made by Sony. Now just let that sink in for a bit.

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Additionally, the rumor states that the new sensor would be used in two new “pro-grade” DSLRs that will be announced in Q1 of 2015. The interesting thing is, will this be a Nikon-like arrangement, where Nikon helps in the design process of the┬ásensors and Sony manufactures them, or will it be a different relationship.


But Wait!

This could all be premature anyway. A second rumor post, over on Canon Rumors and Northlight Images refutes the Canon Watch report. Both rumor sites indicate that not long after this ‘Canon-Sony’ rumor surfaced, they received emails clearly stating that Canon will continue to use their own sensors in their DSLR lines.

So, take both rumors with a truckload of salt. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out…

[via Canon Watch via Northlight Images]