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Canon Has Tilt-Shift on the Mind

eos-m-focal-reducer-nikon-crop-lens_on camera

It appears that someone over at Canon has tilt-shift adapters on their mind, as this is now the second EF tilt-shift lens adapter patent to be discovered fairly recently. This time, the design doesn’t explicitly say that it is an EF to EF-M adapter like I believe that the last one did – but it is implied since that is really the only case where an EF lens could be used with an adapter and still perform as intended.

This lens would work by attaching to your EOS-M (presumably) body and then to your Canon EF lens. Then you could have tilt-shift functionality with lenses that you would not have had previously. You would lose AF (most likely), and we all know how much of a pain manual focus has been on the EOS-M line, though that has been addressed considerably in the EOS-M3 from what I hear.

I am curious to see if any of these adapters make it to market, and if they do, what sort of premium Canon asks for them. Given the relative affordability of the EOS-M line and its EF-M lenses to this point, one would think such an adapter couldn’t be too expensive…but this is Canon we are talking about, and we all know they think they are in their own world as far as pricing goes…


Patent Publication No. 2015-172745

  • Published 2015.10.1
  • Filing date 2014.2.20
  • Mount adapter with a tilt
  • Tilt and shift
  • Lens of long flange back
  • Short flange back of the body
  • Wide image circle lens
  • Narrow of the image circle body
  • Narrow image circle of the lens is not attached
  • Wide image circle body crop mode

Would you be interested in such an adapter if you happened to have an EOS-M body?

What Is On The Horizon For Panasonic?


Panasonic has been having a good couple of years with the launch of the GH4, LX100, and other cameras with a clear strategy of doubling down on quality 4K video recording in camera. But what does the company have coming next? Things have been fairly quiet on the rumor front from them so today, we have an update on what the rumors say about Panasonic’s plans.

According to 4/3 Rumors, Panasonic will launch their Leica co-branded 100-400mm in the early spring of 2016. This will offer M4/3 shooters an incredible range thanks to that x2 crop ratio, giving users an effective 200-400mm FoV for a 35mm camera.

As far as cameras go, the rumor site also points to 2016 as the year that we will get the GH5, and I think that we are all very interested to see what improvements Panasonic comes up with over the GH4.

Other things they are working on, which may or may not lead to new products, is their partnership with Fuji on that organic sensor that we have heard nothing about in a while. They have also been continuing to build support in their dealings with Leica, so look for more partnerships between those two companies in the future.

What would you like to see from Panasonic over the next year or two?

After Successful Kickstarter, Trioplan 100mm Now Available For Pre-Order


More than 450 backers made the Trioplan 100mm Kickstarter campaign a success, and now the German company has announced the launch and pre-order details for this unique lens.

For a 50€ deposit, you can secure the pre-order price of 1399€, which you would be charged in February of 2016, when your lens will be shipped. That 1399€ price is a 100€ discount over the final asking price of the lens, which will be 1499€ once the lens is available. So far, there is no US pricing available, so if you want in on the pre-order, be ready to pay in Euros.

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The Trioplan 100mm will be available for all modern DSLR & mirrorless camera mounts, including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, and  M4/3. Meyer Optik USA earned $359,451 to help bring this project to life, so it will be interesting to see how this final pricing is received. $1499 for a DSLR lens, while not exactly cheap, is not the worst out there. But for an M 4/3 lens, it is a really expensive proposition.

If you are interested, you can start the pre-order process directly from Meyer Optik here.

What are your thoughts on the pricing for the Trioplan 100mm? Will you be adding one to your kit?

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