Thanks to the sleuths over at Photography Bay, a new patent filed in February has just come to light. Detailing a tilt-shift adapter for Canon lenses, it promises to allow lenses to be used with all their original functions like IS and AF, while providing tilt-shift capabilities.


Currently, Canon’s tilt-shift range is limited to four lenses. Making this capability universal would be a ground-breaking development, giving photographers much more freedom with their focal length choices. However, it appears that the adapter is only meant for use with the Canon M series cameras. No doubt this will disappoint architectural photographers using the latest 5DS cameras. It is good news for compact system users though, as it helps to confirm rumors of Canon stepping up their EOS M line next year. Perhaps this is a sign that Canon is gearing their mirrorless system towards more professional applications.


Interestingly, this is not the first tilt-shift adapter of this type. Hasselblad has long had their HTS 1.5 tilt and shift adapter for their medium format cameras and lenses. A complicated and expensive device, it features electronics that communicate to the camera how much tilt and shift has been applied, and it also contains glass elements which make it act as a 1.5x teleconverter.

This crop factor allows the image circle of the lenses to cover the sensor even when adjustments are made. Surprisingly, Canon has opted against this route in their patent, thus making the adapter incompatible with full-frame DSLRs.

hc80 027
hc80 027

If this invention does indeed enter production, we’ll see the gap between Canon’s DSLR and mirrorless line-ups begin to close. Having evolved from large format cameras to simple DSLR lenses, tilt-shift capabilities are becoming more and more versatile. With adapters to make any lens a tilt-shift lens, we may get the best of both worlds – the variety of focal lengths provided by large format, and the compact size and simplicity of mirrorless.

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