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Canon 5d mark III Gear Rumors

Canon Test Camera Specs Leak, Possible 5D Mark IV?

By Anthony Thurston on February 23rd 2015

The 50MP 5DS and 5DS R have been announced, and now the Canon rumor mill’s attention is focused squarely on what the next standard 5D will be made of. It is an interesting question for sure, given what is expected from Canon.

Canon 5d mark III

In a new report over on Canon Rumors, the specs for a Canon test camera have leaked, and it is possible that it could be the 5D Mark IV. It is also possible it is nothing, and never sees the light of day. The specs do require some examination though, and you can see them below.

Canon Test Camera Specs

  • 18mp Full Frame CMOS
  • ISO 100-204,800
  • 61 AF Points (all crosstype)
  • 12fps
  • Dual CFast
  • 4K Video Capture

The first thing that I noticed was that the sensor is only 18MP, which is 4MP less than the current 5D Mark III. It would be unprecedented for a company to release a new model in a line with less MP than the previous model (at least, that I am aware of). So if this is the 5D Mark IV, it would be an interesting move, one that I can only imagine would be made due to the performance of this new 18MP sensor over a 24MP variant (maybe it has the improved DR and ISO performance that we have all been clamoring for?)

As was stressed in the CR post, this is a test camera, meaning chances are more than likely it will lead to nothing. But what do you think about what you see above? Would you be ok with an 18MP 5D Mark IV if it had better Dynamic Range and high ISO performance?

[via Canon Rumors]

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Q&A Discussions

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  1. Jaclyn Kaufman

    Having both the 1Dx and the 5D Mark II, all I really care about with the Mark 4 would be an increase in dynamic range.

    The 1Dx is significantly softer than the Mark II which was very disappointing to me after receiving it, my favorite thing to shoot being landscapes. I actually thought something was wrong with the camera at first. But, it’s not a landscape camera. As a working photographer (weddings, etc) the 1Dx has been a godsend. It’s a machine in low light, the AF system is awesome, etc. Love it. Also, the lower resolution has been flattering for people’s skin tones. I just wish I could use it for landscapes as well…(I could, but since I’m used to the sharpness of the Mark II it feels like a huge step back when I have used it regarding image detail.)

    I’m really hoping that the new camera has a very significant increase in dynamic range without sacrificing resolution. The huge 50MP cameras don’t have much appeal to me personally, since the files are so large, and I use my Mark II as my second camera for weddings (though I suppose you could use the lower quality RAW setting, but to me that seems crazy to have to do – to not use the full potential of the camera). I wouldn’t want to have to deal with those file sizes later in processing! (If using the full effective 50MP). However, just waiting for Dxo Mark’s dynamic range score on those cameras – I might be able to talk myself into one if it was really good.

    If Canon doesn’t increase the dynamic range so significantly that it blows my mind, (at least equaling that of Nikon’s or Sony’s) I may have to consider moving to another brand. The Nikon D810 is looking really good right now! The Sony Alpha A7 would be more of a contender if it had weather sealing – I read that it did not? (For landscapes, anyway. Also, it would be nice to continue to be able to use my Canon lenses.)

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  2. Matthew Saville

    Considering the specs of the $6K 1DX and the $3K 5D 3, such specs can only be described one way, pretty much:

    Canon fanboy imagination figments.

    | |
    • aaron febbo

      Nothing wrong I suppose with a little misplaced hope ! I mean we can wish can’t we ?

      | |
    • Matthew Saville

      Sure, I love wishing; I’ve been wishing for a Df sensor in a D810, and a D5300 sensor in a D810, hahaha…

      But the fact of the matter is that I don’t think Canon can find it in themselves to innovate this much, and charge only $3K for it. These specs belong in a $4-5K camera body, a 1DX lite.

      Basically, someone took the 7D mk2, made it full-frame, sped it up a little bit, and gave it the features they wished a 7D mk2 had had in the first place. Oh, and with a little bit of Sony A7S competition thrown in.

      It makes far more sense for a new, re-designed 5D mk3 replacement / successor to have 2-4 more megapixels, 6-8 FPS, the new 65 point AF from the 7D mk2, (as well as the PDAF stuff) …and maybe, hopefully, 4K video. Oh, and it’ll have the same CF+SD slot as the 5D 3, but hopefully they won’t cripple the SD write speed. :-)

      | |
    • aaron febbo

      im just going to cut my loses and switch to film ! thanks canon !

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  3. Daniel Thullen

    I agree with Aaron that I’d trade the reduction in sensor size for the greater ISO and the other improvements. Unfortunately I’ll have to rely on my APS-C sensor Canon 7D for the foreseeable future.

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  4. Aleksander Michaud

    Does this not seem more like a replacement for the 1D line, combining the 1DX and the 1DC?

    | |
  5. Dayna Lee

    If this is true, then it appears that Canon is populating it’s high end line with variations of the 5D and it’s low end line with variations of the Rebel. What’s going to happen with the middle line cameras; the 6D/7D/70D?

    I’m curious to see what Canon does with its micro DSLR, the SL1. Will there be an SL2? If Canon were to upgrade the SL1 to have features comparable to the Panasonic GH4, but with an APS-C sized sensor, higher resolution, optical finder, direct compatibility with EF/EFS lenses, with the full articulating screen like the Rebels, then Canon would have a real winner in it’s line up.

    My guess is that in time we will see more announcements in the mid and micro DSLR lines and in the end there will be four…maybe five (mid APS-C and Mid FF) body types with a number of variation in for each.

    Stay tuned.

    | |
  6. Derek Schwartz

    Didn’t Canon reduce MP when they went from 1DS3 to 1DX? Like many have said, I’m find with the resolution reduction in a trade off for increased DR, ISO “cleanliness” (I don’t care about 204,800 when it looks horrible – but clean 12,800 or 25,600 would be really stellar). That all said, when I read this in CR, it was clearly stated that the specs are form a “test camera that may never see the light of day”, nor was it clear about the age of said camera. So, lots of salt to be taken here.

    | |
    • Matthew Saville

      Yes, Derek, but considering the price range of the 1Ds series and the 1D series, another way to look at it is that they simply killed the “s” lineup altogether, and gave the 1Dmk4 a full-frame sensor.

      This is where the “s” in the 5Ds / 5DsR comes in, IMO. A few years ago Canon realized that the days of charging $8K for a DSLR were done, no matter how elitist they made the camera seem. So they killed that lineup, and gave us the 1DX and 5D mk3, and now the 5Ds. A very good tactic, IMO.

      BTW remember, this happened right about the time Nikon tried selling their own $8K DSLR, the D3X, which never went anywhere and will probably never result in a D4X, considering the D800 and D810’s quality offering. Unless they decide to put Sony’s new 50 MP sensor in a D4X, in which case they might have a shot at charging $7-8K, just like Canon could try reviving the 1Ds lineup with an $8K version of the 5Ds…

      In either case, who cares because both of the ~$3-4K versions would be a far better value!

      | |
  7. Greg Silver

    I agree on wanting a nice clean sensor but wonder how this will translate in marketing. I’d like to see a 24MP sensor.

    | |
  8. Arnold Ziffel

    I think 18MP is quite adequate for most things. The frame rate and ISO range make it very interesting to me.

    | |
  9. Kim Farrelly

    Well Sony did a low-res sensor not to long ago in their A7s.
    I’d welcome Canon giving stronger AF and cleaner hi-iso files in a new camera. Although reading those specs it sounds a lot like a 1Dc to me.

    | |
  10. robert garfinkle

    I agree w / aaron – totally give up MP for better sensor-tivity / accuracy…

    | |
  11. aaron febbo

    ill take a hit in the MP department if it means more DR and ISO performance. But that being said it should be a significant increase one we have all been wanting for a while now.

    | |
    • Andrew Wotherspoon

      This is an A7S killer, not the mk4. The new high MP Canons are aimed at 810’s and there will be a new higher MP 5D with better specs than the last MK 4.

      Canon are responding to each manufacturer that has been cutting their grass in kind. The 5D line is now split so you can focus on high MP, 4K video, or (the yet to be announced) all rounder. Its been a long time coming so would not be surprised in a big leap forward ahead of their main competition given Nikon are willing to release a camera every year with incremental updates but canon has expressed they be I’ll only update when there is a big enough technology leap to warrant a release.

      This is going to be a big year if they can pull this off.

      | |
    • Aleksander Michaud

      That’s a very interesting idea, Andrew. The idea that this is some sort of 5DC makes a lot of sense.

      Totally with you on this year, looking forward to seeing what the Canon landscape looks like in a few months.

      | |