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Canon Teases Us With Cryptic Ad and Countdown Clock

By Hanssie on October 5th 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 4.40.55 PMWhat is it?!

Taking out a large New York Times ad, Canon once again has us speculating and wondering what the company is cooking up. The following message has us all guessing over here, marking it a smart marketing ploy…

To excuses, distractions, procrastination, inertia, critics, cynics,
realists, pessimists, resistance, conventional wisdom.
To the peanut gallery, the so-called experts, the good enoughs,
the urges to pass the buck,
the easy way out, the snooze button, the panic button,
and to that little voice in the back of your head that says,
“It can’t be done.”
To all of it, we apologize.
Because we don’t see what you see.

With such a buildup and the addition of a countdown clock (which has some 40 hours left at the time of this writing and you can see here), there will bound to be people disappointed (as usual) with the big announcement (it’s been known to happen, see Canon’s “Something BIG is coming” letdown tease here). Could it be the rumored Canon 11-24mm  f/4L we discussed yesterday? Or a high megapixel camera body? Perhaps a new mirrorless?

Or is it even related to photography at all? Looking at the light up red box logo and a reminder that Canon does make copy machines and printers (snore….), I wouldn’t get your hopes up that this is some brand new super camera or glass…though, ending with “See the impossible” kind of gets your hopes up doesn’t it?

Perhaps a Stella Mccartney limited edition camera bag with a matching camera? Oh wait…

Well, we have until Tuesday morning to speculate, and you can do so in the comment section below…

[Via CanonWatch]

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Hanssie is a Southern California-based writer and sometimes portrait and wedding photographer. In her free time, she homeschools, works out, rescues dogs and works in marketing for SLR Lounge. She also blogs about her adventures and about fitness when she’s not sick of writing so much. Check out her work and her blog at Follow her on Instagram

Q&A Discussions

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  1. Philip Goetz

    Same same

    | |
  2. Clare Havill

    What was a point of all the hype? Just got everyone excited for nothing.

    | |
  3. Stan Rogers

    I can’t for the life of me see how ANYONE could read this as anything other than enterprise B2B; there’s not even a hint of consumer/prosumer-oriented marketing here. Remember that along with Nikon, Fuji and Sony, Canon also competes with Xerox and Hewlett-Packard (and others) in the corporate space, and has to keep a presence in those markets as well.

    | |
  4. Rui Pinto

    It’s like a micro site explaining their new approach to the public, videos, etc…
    Ok! Thanks again Canon!

    | |
  5. Cody Edger

    The main page is just an interactive red cube.. on their outdated designed webpage, I found these videos connected with it:

    Haven’t watched yet.. but I assume they have at least SOMETHING to do with it.

    | |
  6. Greg Silver

    I’m still not seeing anything specific as to a new product for photography from Canon. Hoping this isn’t like the little boy who cried wolf and ends up being nothing.

    | |
  7. Kim Farrelly

    Their something really big looks a lot smaller on my iPhone.
    Canon you tease, and to think Fuji has been eyeing me up and smiling at me from across the shop all day.

    | |
  8. Rui Pinto

    The clock says 00:00:00….buuuuuuuuuut nothing happend

    | |
  9. Justin Casanova

    Probably the new full frame or mirrorless but there was that talk about a 24-70 2.8 IS and potential new medium format bodies. I just hope it isn’t another printer or dslr firmware update.

    | |
  10. Dave Lyons

    they probably just hit 11.5 stops of dr… finalllllly lol

    | |
  11. Mark Sirc

    Probably 3D – printer or some new marketing/product placement strategy, similar to Nikon “True photography” vision…

    | |
  12. Bill Bentley

    “THIS MESSAGE GOES OUT TO …….critics, cynics, realists, pessimists, …….

    I guess Canon do read the photo blogs and forums after all. ;-)

    | |
    • Matthew Saville

      Yeah that’s what I’m thinking they’re trying to imply, Bill. When you read their carefully chosen words, it absolutely sounds like they’re squarely aiming at all the nay-sayers who have been ragging on Canon for falling behind Nikon and Sony, both WRT mirrorless (sony) and overall image quality / innovation. (Nikon and Sony)

      Which is why I said, if this is anything less than a professional mirrorless system, it is going to be laughable. If they wanted to promote just another incremental DSLR update, or a printer, or anything else, they should have chosen their words differently…

      | |
    • Tony Anastasi

      which is what i do not get.. cos the end resulting html5 loading pages are utter bananas.. nothing new, nothing useful and nothing to do with the message about cynics or anything.. what did that text have to do with the resulting pages? NOTHING. yawns.. going back to bed now..

      | |
  13. Jim Johnson

    Don’t care. These kind of teaser promotions usually fall so flat that it doesn’t matter.

    It’s just annoying noise until it says something useful.

    | |
  14. Kim Farrelly

    Surely they are ready to launch a new mirrorless at this stage.

    | |
  15. Joram J

    Gonna lmao if its just a new printer… ;)
    But i hope its a new camera of some sort.

    | |
    • Rui Pinto

      Could be a new “super mega hiper cool awesome” printer! Ahah

      | |
    • Jim Johnson

      “Introducing the next generation of fax machines!”

      | |
    • Jim Johnson


      it’s actually something less exciting than a new printer and even more useless than a fax machine.

      Who would have thought so just a couple of days ago.

      | |
  16. Eric Sharpe

    It’s gotta be a new camera.

    | |
  17. Ipek Amdahl

    Such a build-up! Can’t wait!

    | |
  18. Phil Bautista

    my money’s on a tie up with Adidas. Kicks with cameras for the true action junkies.

    | |
  19. Pompo Bresciani

    This really sounds like something amazing…geez I can’t wait..seriously! Hope it won’t bend though :)

    | |
  20. Matthew Saville

    This is either just for their next full-frame sensor, or for a pro mirrorless system. Anything less will just be a laughingstock…

    | |
  21. Chuck Eggen

    Full Frame, Mirror-less, 50MP, 4k@120p, interchangeable lens, wifi, GPS, 30fps, 54 cross type focus points, dual SD card, full manual controls exterior, hot shoe, and feel free to add to the list of what everyone will complain about it not having while coming in at a price of $200.00.

    | |
  22. Greg Silver

    My bet would be for a new mirrorless camera.

    | |
  23. Barry Cunningham

    Saw this on PetaPixel earlier.
    Like I said there, if you’re Babe Ruth standing at home plate and pointing at the bleachers, you better hit a home run.

    | |