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Canon Teases New Camera For November Release

By Joseph Cha on November 8th 2013

This season has been a hot one for new camera teasers and announcements. Sony surprised us with their A7 and A7r, and Nikon just announced their DF Dslr. Not to be left out, we now have something from Canon.

New Canon Camera

On the Korean Canon website there’s a mysterious DSLR Camera covered by a white sheet. The translated message says ““November 2013, Canon will start from the white world. Coming soon.”

This could be an exciting new DSLR, or it could just be one of their existing DSLR’s in a new coat of white paint. What do you think it could be? Let’s speculate in the comments!

[Source: Photographybay]


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  1. GioPhoto

    Seems they unveiled the Canon EOS 100D or “White Kiss” in Japan

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  2. Jon Adaskin

    Maybe it’s not a DSLR? (Mirrorless?)

    | |
  3. dave

    it’s a snow cone maker.

    | |
  4. Jason A

    I bet it will be along the lines of a new 1D or 5D body with a 30 plus mp full frame sensor

    | |
  5. Orlando

    Ok! So the camera body doesn’t look very wide at all. Definitely not wide enough to accommodate a top LCD screen. T6i? Canon does seem to be Sh**ing those out at an alarming rate.

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    • John Lee

      Very disappointed with the Rebel series, lets hope if it is a T6i they actually make a good one

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  6. Adivinanza Canon

    […] […]

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  7. John D.

    Lets see, Christmas is coming and they are late getting the product out. Lots of newer cameras out by other manufactures so…What to do? Ha, put out a “it’s coming soon” campaign. Smart.

    | |
  8. Shannon

    sexy?…….satin? …. white? ….rule out retro…. or just a gimmick because they got caught with their proverbial pants down with the Nikon retrofabulousness……. don’t get me wrong, i am a Canon user….. i mean where else can this go?

    | |
  9. Catherine Lacey Dodd

    Taking a leaf from Apple’s tree?

    | |
  10. Sachin

    A white camera body? But that’s just crazy talk! Or is it???

    | |
  11. Anthony Thurston

    hmmm, maybe a “stormtrooper” styled body to match their white L lenses? That would be kinda cool. Or maybe they are pushing up the 7D Mark II announcement….

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