Canon announced a special partnership  this week with Stella McCartney on a new limited edition camera/bag combination. (No, I am not joking). You can get this limited edition designer bag along with a matching white Canon 100D (Canon SL1) soon.


According to the press release, the promotion consists of 1000 units of this special limited edition bag and camera combo.

Combining fashion and technology with creativity and style, the limited edition Linda camera bag has been especially designed by Stella McCartney for the Canon EOS 100D White.

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Does anyone else here see the parallels with other brands recent attempts to recast cheap products as expensive luxury ones? Hasselblad/Sony come to mind. Canon, to their credit, at least are not dressing up the 100D with some ridiculous styling as Hasselblad did. But, the point remains, is Canon “jumping the shark” here?


Personally, I am not a huge fan of the bag. But I can definitely see how some may be interested in it, and have what will likely be the sizable chunk of disposable cash to make one their own. Still, I’d like to see Canon focus their efforts on improving their sensor quality, not partnering up on designer bags for their consumer DSLRS. But, what do I know, I’m just a simple guy with a black camera bag.

If you are interested in the bag, you can get your name on a list here to get more details once they are available.