Sony’s RX100 series of cameras, the latest being the RX100 M3, have been hugely popular with people wanting to get the best out of their compact, ‘point-n-shoot’ cameras. Well, it appears Canon has taken notice…


According to a report over on Canon Rumors, Canon will be announcing a new Powershot branded camera with a 1 inch sensor. The new camera is said to be nearly as small and compact as the Powershot “S” cameras, and will be meant as a direct competitor to the RX100 series cameras.

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Good for Canon, but they are a little late to the game. I am curious how they intend to make this look like a better option than an RX100. I mean the 1 inch sensor is a great start, but that is hardly what makes the RX100 series so popular. It’s the features, great video quality, etc that have people swooning over the RX100.

It will be interesting to see if Canon can get out of their own way and give this camera the features it needs to compete, or if in usual Canon fashion, they will give it just enough features so it can be considered a competitor, but not enough to really change the game.

We should find out here in the next week or two…


What do you think about a Canon version of the RX100 M3? If it is indeed on par with the Sony offering, who would you go with? Leave a comment below!

[via Canon Rumors]