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Canon Secretly Testing New Full Frame DSLR at NYC Studios?

By Anthony Thurston on May 28th 2014

We have heard rumors of Foveon-like sensors and more, but this much is clear, the rumor mill is certain that some sort of Canon full frame will be announced later this year. The latest update on the never ending sleuthing for details on this in development camera comes to us from Northlight.


According to the report, an official from Canon arrived at several NYC studios to test out a new camera that was disguised in a Canon EOS-1D X body. The report goes on to say that the image files could only be processed on one laptop and that saving the images was not allowed.

As easy as it is to recover deleted files, it doesn’t surprise me one bit that Canon would go through such lengths to protect its project. The report continues to say that the new camera had file sized similar to that of the Canon 5D Mark III, but the files color accuracy and sharpness were much better than that of the 5D Mark III. This could lend some credence to that Foveon rumor that was being floated somewhat recently, at the least it seems that some sort of new sensor is being tested here.

I am really interested to see where this all ends up. It is actually one of my favorite things about covering gear rumors, trying to piece together the fact from fiction. This rumor deserves a bit of salt, as do they all.

What are your thoughts on this rumor? What do you think Canon was testing at these secret studio visits? Leave a comment below!

[via Canon Rumors via Northlight]

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  1. Derrell Daniels

    I would hope this new camera is a 7d mark ll. I am stuck waiting on a improve version of the 7d dynamic range and low light improvements.

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  2. Martin

    I have been waiting for a 3D for years,,,,, maybe …..

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  3. frank dziedziak

    I started with the Canon 60D went to the 6D and can’t wait for the next great Canon product to humble the Nikon big pixel D-800…

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  4. Mr Bach

    For years Sigma has been using the Foveon processor, so it’s about time the high-end cameras get a more robust sensor. Although the Canon 1Dx lists for $6,800, and is full-frame, it’s ridiculously low at 18.1mp.

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  5. Julia

    I am pretty sure canon is due to upgrade the 5dmiii or the 1dx very soon….the 6d was released as well as the 7d which makes the 5diii next in line for an upgrade. I believe they are looking to compete with nikons d4s. It’s definitely about time for an upgrade to the sensor to retain dynamic range and color accuracy with better tracking and sensitivity in low light conditions.

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  6. Wes

    I got to play with that camera during the Bahamas workshop! It was amazing!

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  7. Pratik SB

    I think they are testing 7D mark ii… as some of the prototypes are going to test in fifa worldcup 14.. they might be testing indoor lighting results…

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  8. Dennis Manske

    I would like to see a 5D Mk IV. With 36.7 or more megapixels. It would be a studio and landscape camera that could keep up with the D800. I love my Mk III, but greater resolution would be very beneficial. A faster 5D3 with the same resolution would be about as helpful as coming out with a 16-35 with IS (at f4), or coming out with a new car that has ‘two’ spare tires.

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    • Rick

      Unless better ISO performance would counteract the poorer performance due to the smaller pixels, upping the resolution would be foolish.

      I’d much rather see better dynamic range while keeping low-light performance at least at the current levels.

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    • Dennis Manske

      It doesn’t make sense that Canon would actually put out a higher resolution sensor with a decrease in performance, now does it?

      I cannot think of a single photographer, at least in professional circles, that would upgrade their $3600 camera body, for the same camera body but with higher dynamic range (of some relatively insignificant amount) for another $3600. Definitely not enough bang for the buck.

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