Canon 24-70 L, on a 5D mk2, on a tripod.
Separate exposures merged in Photoshop CS3
Winter 2010 – Lake Wales, FL 


As I previously predicted in a recent article, rumors of a Canon 24-70 mk2 are taking shape.( is in-line with the age of the current version of the lens, and the time it took for other lenses to get a mk2 update.(16-35, 70-200, 50 1.2, 85 1.2…)


Another lens I’m kinda excited about is a possible Canon 35 L mk2.Although the current 35 L is already GORGEOUS for weddings and portraits and I can’t imagine truly NEEDING an updated version, …it does still have it’s faults.Namely, the plane of focus on some copies that I’ve tested was SEVERELY warped at infinity, making it borderline useless for star photography.To be fair, I’m sure this type of issue is mostly related to sample variation. (click here for a GREAT article on sample variation done, and HERE for an eye-opening test of five different Canon 50 f/1.4 USM’sdone by affiliation to SLRLounge!)…however I’m also sure that Canon could improvethe overall field flatness in a mk2 version, like Nikon has done with their FIRST autofocus 35 f/1.4 that was released about a year ago.The Nikon 35 f/1.4 that I tested gave me sharp stars from corner to corner, even wide open.


I’ve shot with both the Canon and Nikon 35mm f/1.4’s, and I love them.35mm f/1.4 is not that much glass, therefore focus is incredibly snappy and accurate. Compared to lenses like the pair of Canonf/1.2 L primes, you could describe the Canon 35 L as “insanely fast” for sure.


So anyways, once again, I’m looking forward to some excitement in 2012!I can only imagine how happy Canon shooters will be with a 1DX, and updated versions to two of the most useful lenses in the field of photojournalism, the 35 prime and 24-70 2.8…:-)
Oh snap!A 70-200 f/4 mk2 rumor, too!I dunno how much you could actually improve on an already AMAZING lens though. Really the only significant upgrade looks like the newer stabilization system that gives you an extra stop or two.


For the record, the 70-200 f/4 L IS is by far the lens that I envy from Canon, as a Nikon owner myself.Honestly, I just don’t care to lug around a massive 70-200 2.8.Call me a wimp, but my shoulders thank me for avoiding such heavy lenses.Whenever possible you’ll see me shooting weddings with nothing but a grip-less D700 and an 85mm prime, or a 50mm or 24mm prime.But I digress.My point is, if I’m going to use a zoom then it is going to be as lightweight as possible.Personally I hope that by the time Canon is making it’sTHIRD version of an f/4 70-200 lens, Nikon will finally get around to making at least ONE version.:-)


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Canon 35 f/1.4 L, on a Canon 5D “classic”
Fall 2009 – Lake Wales, FL

 Canon 35 f/1.4 L, on a Canon 5D “classic”
Fall 2009 – Lake Wales, FL