Apparently, the rumors just keep coming this week. And again, keep in mind that I usually don’t circulate random, baseless rumors that are really nothing but wishful thinking or clickbait. I like rumors that have a specific aspect of fact connected to them, such as a patent being filed or a URL being reserved.

Today, indeed what we have is a patent that has apparently been filed by Canon for a wireless camera charging base. Neat! I hear that wireless charging is something the “kids these” days are really excited about…

Wireless Charging Is Cool, But I Want Better USB Charging

My Nikon Z7 USB charging experience was…less than ideal.
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Personally, I hope that the filing of a patent is only an indication of technology that is in its early phase of research & development, and we won’t see it implemented for quite a while. Because while wireless charging is an exciting concept, it’s not a very mature technology yet, and there are much more important improvements to be had for camera charging first.

In other words, I’d be very surprised if they would do this next step very soon, when USB charging for cameras is still something that Canon (and Nikon) still desperately need to develop.

USB Camera Battery Charging Is More Useful for Most

Sony 24mm f/1.4 GM, (review here) Tether Tools USB Battery

You see, here’s the thing: USB charging is already a slightly inefficient way to charge your camera batteries. Actually it works pretty decent on Sony cameras and their new NP-FZ100 battery, with any USB battery pack and a good quality USB cable. However the same can’t be said for both Canon and Nikon’s new chargeable batteries, the Canon LP-E6N and Nikon EN-EL15b, because they both seem to require their proprietary USB cable+wall-brick, the (expensive) Canon PD-E1 and Nikon EH-7P in order to work efficiently. If you plug an “ordinary” USB battery (Anker, etc) and quality USB cable, charging seems to barely work at all.

Unfortunately, for the most part, wireless charging technology is even less efficient than USB charging. Of course, we could assume that since wireless charging is highly convenient, they’re working on ways to make it very efficient. I gotta admit, I’d definitely get on board if it could charge a camera battery as fast as the traditional methods.

Solar-charging the Sony A7R3! Yes, it works quite well!

Still, I do hope that Canon (as well as Nikon and Sony) are still working on making USB charging work faster and more efficiently, and here’s why: A direct cable connection to the camera is often still the best option, when I am actively shooting video, or time-lapse, and I want to have a reliable power connection to the camera while I’m on-location.

Do You Want Wireless Camera Charging Technology?

Anyways, what do you think? Is wireless camera charging the problem we really need to be solving right now? Or, if it was an option, how useful would it be for you as a photographer? Let us know they comment below!

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