Despite all the naysayers, the Canon 6D is actually a pretty fantastic full frame camera. Unfortunately, it appears that Canon may be rethinking the 6D’s position in the market after being not fully satisfied with sales on┬átheir entry level full frame camera.


The 7D Mark II is coming in at $1799, and then the 6D follows at $1899. Between the 6D and the Canon 5D mark III, there is about a $1500 price gap. According to the rumor report over on Canon Rumors, Canon could be looking to move the 6D series up in the market to be more of a middle ground between the 7D II and the 5D III.

Canon has been pushing the 7D Mark II as being on par with the 6D in terms of image quality. That remains to be seen, but I think that those looking to upgrade to a full frame sensor are not going to care. If anything, the 6D series needs to drop in price, maybe to around the $1500 mark and I think sales would do much better.



As is, I think it’s at the high end price-wise for the people most interested in it, and with Sony’s A7 at ~$1499, I think that Canon would do better to come down to that level, rather than raise the price higher.


What do you think about the pricing and location on the market for the 6D series? Do you think that a price increase or decrease would fit the 6D better? Leave a comment below!

[via Canon Rumors]