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Canon to Replace 5D Mark III in 2014? [Rumor]

By Anthony Thurston on November 28th 2013


One of the more interesting rumors I have heard in a while states that Canon will be updating the Canon 5D series from the current Mark III to a Mark IV in 2014 with an availability of early 2015.

The report states that there will be two full frame Canon bodies released in 2014, and given that we already know about the EOS-1 D Xs that leaves the 6D and the 5D. Given that the 6D is newer than the 5D mark III that would lend us to believe that means that the 5D Mark III is the one getting replaced.

Am I the only one that feels like 2 years is two soon to have a pro body replaced in the lineup? I mean I know many people that only just upgraded to the 5D Mark III this year, and I can image they would be pissed if it is replaced by a Mark IV this soon.

Do you think its too soon for Canon to update the 5D series to a Mark IV?

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There are only a few reasons I can think of to upgrade to a Mark IV so soon. The most obvious one is the new Dual Pixel technology that has been released in the 70D. I am sure that many full frame shooters would love to get their hands on that, but is that really upgrading the whole body? Why not just offer a sensor upgrade like they did with the C100?

I am really curious what you all have to say about this. Do you agree with me that it seems a little soon to update the 5D series to a Mark IV, or do you disagree and think that the 5D Mark III could use an upgrade? Vote in our poll  and leave a comment below to let your opinion be heard.

[via Canon Rumors]

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  1. Iain Pallot

    5DMk iii needs critical upgrades to remain competitive. I am reserving judgement on a new body. I have two 5dmkiii bodies in my kit and looking for a third and want to stick with what I know but….. I cannot get myself across that line for the following reasons:

    GPS is something I REALLY want
    Wireless – astonished it was not there in the first place and will not buy a camera without it now.
    More resolution – my work demands greater resolution to print much larger works for my clients – Canon really need to understand this need as I know a LOT of pro landscapers who are now switching for that reason alone.
    Dual pixel tech is new tech and needs to be in any and all pro body lineup for any brand.
    Two CF slots not a CF and SD as this is really a weakness of the current model (burst mode is pointless if the two cards cannot work in parallel when the operator is using the second slot as a backup for example)

    Those are the critical things coming from someone who worships the 5dmkiii….. someone looking at Sony right now and wondering if they are the better alternative with the way in which they LEAD with ideas and the “smarts” we all need in today’s fast lane world of technology.

    Too soon to release a new model? No way. People expect their brand to keep up with current technology. Look at Mobile phones…. we thing nothing (and I mean nothing) of spending 1k on the latest phone as soon as it comes out. If Canon bought out a compelling new model, Their sales would ramp up and respond immediately. If they do not, I fear they will fall behind again (having only just caught up with their nemesis “N” and I for one will be left feeling very empty (just like my wallet!) in making a reluctant switch.

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  2. Jon

    Ive decided to hold out for the 5d4 mainly for dual pixel AF video, and other potential improvements.

    It is going to be a *very nice* upgrade from my first DSLR, a 350D. Can’t stand the tiny viewfinder, crappy ISO, unreliable AF, lack of spot metering and video, etc etc…

    | |
  3. Dams

    When Sony boast a 200 000 ISO sensor, yes I would like Canon to align. And Wifi please, for remote control and avoid step-mother waiting until end of holiday to see the pictures of her grand-children ;-) Ah! GPS also, because I don’t have notebook open every time I take a picture to write down location. Thank you Santa !

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  4. Mark

    I do not agree with people who get angry if a company comes out with something that is bigger and better than what they already have. The 5DIII you bought last year or this year is still the same great camera no matter when it is replaced or what it is replaced with. Theirs is an emotional reaction based on feelings of envy and jealousy, two of the uglier human emotions.

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  5. Louis van Zyl

    MK III needs wi-fi ,it need to go smaller and lighter,it also wants to go mirror less plus 36 m/pixels. Now that would shake them all .Come on Canon pull finger

    | |
  6. Mark Smith

    For pro usersI would only see an advantage with the duel processing and a larger sensor. I believe Canon have been rumoured to have tested 75 mp sensor so to market would be around 45. A silent shutter and better noise handling would also be a good move along with 4K video.

    Price mybe high though but lets hope not.

    | |
  7. Alan

    I have a canon 70d. Had this model been given a full frame sensor I would have been an even happier person than at present, as it is a super camera. I am waiting hoping for a 5d mk iv with specs that supercede the 70d.

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  8. mohammed


    What is it that blackmagic does, you can’t do!

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  9. xzoup

    I’m seriously considering buying another 5DM3, and really don’t want to see a 5DMIV right after purchasing another 5DM3. So bring on the MIV.

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  10. LlocQ

    Better DR, Full HD at 60 fps, WiFi, Dual Pixel Technology, and BRING THE F@!#$* SECOND CURTAIN SYNC BACK INTO THE MENU…….

    | |
  11. Cornelius

    Time to come out with the 5D MKIV with high pixels (40-50 mega) and WiFi. Although I am using WiFi very satisfactory on my 5D MKII bodies with an Ultimate CF adapter with a Transcend 32GB SD (WiFi) card my opinion is that in this day and age it is time to have this standard in a new to be produced body.

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  12. Michael

    I believe they need to due to new tech in some of the cheaper models and the fact that Nikon is moving forward, they will have do something to keep their market share. They may even look at a new high megapixel model or upgrade, hell the entry level Nikon SLR has more megapixels than the mark 3 or 1Dx. Other things might include tough screen which is great for video. I believe it will be a bit like it is now, you can still buy a mark 2 new but at a cheaper price than the mark 3. I expect the mark 2 will go and the mark 3 drop in price leaving us with a choice. Cheaper mark 3 or pay more for a mark 4.

    | |
    • Marc

      1Dx is a sports camera. D4 and D4s also have less MP than a 700D.

      | |
  13. JJ Sadler

    4K would be a big reason to upgrade from a MKII or MKIII.

    | |
  14. JJ Sadler

    I think if they can release a 4K 5D MK IV or maybe even a 5DC that can do 4K at 24p and 30p, 2K at 24p, and 30p, and 1080 at 24,30, and 60, and not raise the price on it, then it will be ultra competitive. Sony has 4K for $2K, Panasonic has 4K for$2K or less, and BlackMagic has 4K RAW for $3K. 4K won’t cost that much because they already have all the essentials and hardware.

    | |
  15. andrew

    Yeah, I would love to see a 5d mark lV…with 4k video….only time will tell…

    | |
  16. Lucas

    I’m a pro shooter still using the 5D2. I haven’t seen a big enough leap in technology to even consider the 5D3 yet, but I’m close. I usually purchase one to two generations behind emerging tech to save money. There are a bazilion other things photographers need to invest in and I don’t believe spending money every two years on a new camera body is one of them. So, I could care less if they update this year; I wouldn’t purchase that replacement camera for a few years anyway.

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  17. Sam

    Give us 240 FPS full hd!!! Or better!!! I mean an iphone has 120 fps!!!!!!!

    | |
  18. Jacob

    just saying I’ll gladly pick up one of these MKIII’s when it gets heavily discounted… more benefit to me!

    Never really saw the point in dropping $1500 to “upgrade” to the Mark III over the Mark II, but hey! That’s me.

    | |
  19. Ben McPhee

    The mk 3 wasn’t a huge jump over the mk 2. Sure, the focus is improved, and the image is cleaner with better ISO, and I’d love that frame rate, but when it came out, I felt no need to upgrade from my Mk2’s. I suspect a lot of mk2 owners feel the same way.

    A mk 4 with at LEAST 28mp (But 36 preferred) is the only reason I’d consider upgrading. Any other new features would be appreciated. If Canon is planning un upgrade so soon, this should be the reason, and I’d welcome it.

    | |
    • Spiros Zaharakis

      It’s pretty obvious that you don’t own a 5D MkIII. You wouldn’t have the same opinion if you actually had one. I bet that all ex MkII owners that upgraded to MkIII can confirm that. The actual improvement is much bigger that the spec sheet suggests.

      | |
    • T

      The guy below obviously doesn’t own an mk2

      | |
  20. michael cook

    It took desperate years to upgrade the 5dmkii, they should wait at least another. Although I could really care less I sold my 5dmkii and switched to Nikon.

    | |
  21. João

    They have to update to stay on the run with Nikon… besides the dual pixal tech, they will probably go up in the MP count. Also, they will go with more powerful processors and the wifi/gps tech that we can found in the 6D will go also in the 5D3.
    But… I believe the camera will show light in more at the end of 2014…

    | |
  22. ken

    They could add official RAW video support instead of relying on Magic Lantern.
    And add 4K video before Sony or Panasonic do it because that’s the next goal in video…these two will most likely add it soon since they don’t have to worry about canabilizing C300 sales according to the rumor mill :-)

    | |
  23. David Hardy

    I bought a mkiii only a couple of weeks ago so it would be a bit disappointing. If a mkiv came out, prices would drop and I’d buy another mkiii as a second body

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  24. Joseph Graf

    We always seem to forget that just because a new model comes out, the old one does not magically stop producing images! I have a 5D mark III and a Mark II for back up. Under normal studio conditions the files look identical.

    Canon is in business to make money. Period. DSLRs have fallen off in sales. The market has reached a saturation point now where most of us are satisfied with what the equipment can acomplish.
    It will take some real gee wiz techno magic to lure the current users to upgrade.

    | |
    • Anjeanette Illustration

      I agree. As much as I have wanted the III, my II works beautifully and new glass, insurance, lights, life, etc have gotten in the way of saving up for it. Its been a few years so I am personally hoping for the IV simply so the III will be significantly reduced enough for me to ‘upgrade’. For now I make my ‘old’ equipment work :)

      | |
  25. Vinay

    Other than the sensor, the only other thing that the Mark III probably lacks is wi-fi. But I’m one of those who upgraded to the Mark III this year and I’d definitely be pissed if I saw a Mark IV anytime soon. Here’s hoping they mess with the 7D or something and leave the 5D alone.

    | |
  26. David

    Give us full hd 60fps.

    | |
  27. Jonathan

    Perhaps a megapixel monster to compete with the 36MP cameras by Nikon and Sony?

    The 5DMkIII is still a fine camera though; a new iteration in the series could mean lower prices for older currently existing models.

    | |
  28. Eder Novacki

    Well. We’re talking about bigass company which only cares about money.. so nothing new there, right? lol That’s what they do.

    | |
    • JT

      Yeah, that and tech advances, although the public will always be a few years behind what we are REALLY capable of producing. Profit motive

      | |
    • Jimmy Padilla

      4k is moving in really fast. Canon is releasing a 4k monitor. Prices on 4k tv’s are really coming down fast. 4k tv’ s were like $25,000 a year ago now they’re at 3 or 4 thousand. You can buy cheap one for $700. If canon puts 4k on the mark 4 they’ll be able to stay ahead of the curve. Besides, 4k is awesome.

      | |