One of the more interesting rumors I have heard in a while states that Canon will be updating the Canon 5D series from the current Mark III to a Mark IV in 2014 with an availability of early 2015.

The report states that there will be two full frame Canon bodies released in 2014, and given that we already know about the EOS-1 D Xs that leaves the 6D and the 5D. Given that the 6D is newer than the 5D mark III that would lend us to believe that means that the 5D Mark III is the one getting replaced.

Am I the only one that feels like 2 years is two soon to have a pro body replaced in the lineup? I mean I know many people that only just upgraded to the 5D Mark III this year, and I can image they would be pissed if it is replaced by a Mark IV this soon.

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There are only a few reasons I can think of to upgrade to a Mark IV so soon. The most obvious one is the new Dual Pixel technology that has been released in the 70D. I am sure that many full frame shooters would love to get their hands on that, but is that really upgrading the whole body? Why not just offer a sensor upgrade like they did with the C100?

I am really curious what you all have to say about this. Do you agree with me that it seems a little soon to update the 5D series to a Mark IV, or do you disagree and think that the 5D Mark III could use an upgrade? Vote in our poll  and leave a comment below to let your opinion be heard.

[via Canon Rumors]