It’s a notion held by some, that the most major players in the camera world, Canon and Nikon, are in business solely to make money. Canon maybe more so given their tendency to create the exact same camera and just choose to omit a feature here or there to cover more market.

Now, those of you of a Gekko persuasion with 4-inch wide ties and slicked back hair, may see this as fine, and I’m inclined to agree. But in the world of ‘art’, money can be a dirty word and I’ve been at the receiving end of a photographer airing his vehement feelings about camera companies operating from their P&L statements. To these folk, the camera companies are blood sucking, and I mean Anne Rice type stuff, who just give the bare minimum in a pretty package to get you to buy, and it all can get pretty serious and glum pretty fast. Thankfully, someone’s approached it with a bit of humor.



Andrew Reid is a British ex-pat filmmaker currently in Berlin, who runs a popular videography blog called EOSHD. The blog is two things at once, a showcase of his growth and work, and a resource for DSLR filmmakers, as Andrew regularly shares what he shoots and learns. It’s a great resource, really, and one of his latest offerings has to be one of his best – and it’s not educational at all. It’s so much better.

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It’s a closed-captioned dub over a Spanish TV show segment (Ratones Coloraos). In the actual show the host is talking about his humorous experiences at an old job, but the dub by Reid has the host playing a Canon rep and ‘talking’ about the ‘revolution’ of DSLR video. It is sheer genius, and I’d imagine Vincent Laforet couldn’t help but crack a smile, C300 in hand.

When you’re done, and your rib has healed, go check out EOSHD for a lot of great stuff. It’s well worth your time.