The rumors and heavily discussed announcements about the upcoming EOS R5 from Canon have been going around for a while now with a LOT of heated debates about if some of the specs are legit or not, mostly centered around the alleged video capabilities of this new Mirrorless beast. Well, exactly a month since its development announcement of the EOS R5, Canon Australia has published an official Press Release to put all the naysayers to bed!

When the rumors were leaked just a bit before the official release announcement on the R5, nobody could believe the specs on the video were true, myself included. The industry as a whole shook their head in disbelief. Surely something had to be crippled that Canon wasn’t telling us about? The 8K video _must_ be cropped or have a reduced frame rate?!? There’s _no_ way a mirrorless camera can have this much power right? Well today, Canon has officially ended the debate and confirmed some key specifications.

Canon EOS R5

In the press release, Canon re-states the specs we’ve already seen, and then focuses on three important ones for the EOS r5.

  • It can shoot 8K 30p at full sensor width. NO CROP!
  • All 8K video modes will support Dual Pixel AF
  • The Advanced Animal AF will be able to recognize animal eyes, as well as the face & body when the eyes are not visible!

How well all these features work is still going to have to wait until we all get hands on with it to test, but it’s clear that Canon’s had enough of the speculation going on around the globe. Sadly, with everything going on due to the Corona Virus including supply chain disruptions and some companies complete shut downs, we’ll still have to wait through a plethora of delays before anyone can get to using it in the wild. But given Canon’s claims…it’ll likely be more than worth it!

You can check some more details from below or read the full official press release from Canon Australia here.

Canon Australia EOS R5 Press Release Info

Achieving the ‘impossible’, Canon Inc. confirms the EOS R5’s video capabilities will far exceed that of competing cameras on the market. With its ability to internally record 8K using the full width of the sensor at up to 30p, the latest Canon EOS R camera is set to redefine mirrorless with its market-leading features. In addition, in all 8K modes it will support Canon’s renowned Dual Pixel CMOS AF.

Canon Inc. also confirms the EOS R5 supports advanced animal AF – recognizing dogs, cats and birds, relying not only on the eyes of the animal but also the face and body for situations when the eyes are not visible.

Richard Shepherd, Pro Product Marketing Senior Manager, said: “We’ve seen speculation that the EOS R5’s specs are ‘impossible’. Today’s announcement confirms once again, we are achieving the ‘impossible’ in order to support our customers’ need for a camera that delivers exceptional image quality and video capture.

“As an industry leader, we are challenging the market with this launch and showing what’s possible with our technology. The EOS R5 and the RF lens system is proof of our commitment to redefine mirrorless and shows Canon’s unparalleled strength in creating products with true purpose.”

Canon EOS R5

Other EOS R5 specifications confirmed by Canon Inc. in the camera’s 13th February 2020 development announcement:

  • The EOS R5 offers a step-change in performance with an incredible 12fps using the mechanical shutter and the electronic shutter offering 20fps
  • The EOS R5 takes Canon’s cutting-edge image stabilization technology to the next level, by including a newly Canon-developed, in-camera image stabilization system – which works in combination with the lens stabilization system
  • With content delivery just as important as image and video capture, the EOS R5 supports the automatic transfer of image files from the device to the image Canon cloud platform
  • The highly anticipated EOS R5 also features dual card slots for convenience.