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Canon Opens Up About The Difference Between The 70D and 7D Mark II Sensors

By Anthony Thurston on October 3rd 2014

Once of the biggest concerns that I have heard from readers about the recently announced Canon 7D Mark II is that the sensor appears to be the same as the one in the 70D. Canon came out straight away, and said that this sensor is different from the one in the 70D, but until recently, they would not elaborate.


In an interview with, a foreign website, regarding the new 7D Mark II, Canon opened up about the differences between the two sensors. It turns out, the difference is in how the sensor is produced in the semiconductor process during the different stages of manufacturing.

…in order to improve the high-sensitivity characteristics, we have adopted a new process in the semiconductor manufacturing process.

This would seem to indicate that the new sensor, while very similar to its predecessor in the 70D, should perform better in high sensitivity, or high ISO, situations. This would seem to be supported by the fact that the high ISO samples from the 7D Mark II do in fact look much nicer than that from the 70D.

Hopefully, this will put some minds at ease about Canon just reusing the same sensor again. It appears that is not the case, even if the difference is minute.


What are your thoughts on this information regarding the difference between the 70D and 7D Mark II sensors? Leave a comment below!

[via Canon Watch]

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  1. Ryan Orcullo

    “Once of the biggest concerns” hehe :P

    | |
  2. William Emmett

    I’ve been keeping up with the new 7D II ever since it showed up on Canon Rumors. At first the rumors steamed along, and the camera was near introduction when suddenly there was a glitch. It seemed Canon announced a new sensor had to be found, since the original choice was found to be unstable, and could not be reproduced accurately. This problem delayed the release by almost a year. Even if the sensor on the 70D and 7DII were exactly the same, I’m sure the supporting circuits would make the sensor in the 7DII perform differently, if not better. But, you can be sure the Canon sensor in the older 70D has been constantly been improved upon. Now, the new 7DII is probably obsolete now. By the time the camera has gone through engineering, pre- production, programming, testing, the original engineers have not been asleep. The 7DII will probably go through at least one firmware upgrade, and units coming down the assembly line will have upgraded circuit cards, newer microchips, and non-visible strengthening of the body as complaints come in about the camera.


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  3. Alex Beck

    Nothing new here, although I do wonder what the relevance is of pointing out that is a foreign website… Surely and accordingly, then, it’s also well worth pointing out that Canon is a foreign camera manufacturer.

    In any case, who cares whether it’s virtually the same sensor or not? Either one can take good pictures with any sort of camera or one can’t. I’ve never known true professionals to let equipment or specifications get in the way of a good picture.

    Furthermore, checking the spelling and grammar of the first word of this article wouldn’t go amiss either ;-)

    | |
    • Bill Bentley

      Wow Alex. Are you having a bad day or what? Anthony makes a small post about a NEW camera and you jump all over him. We all make typos from time to time. And you’re definitely not a professional since it looks like you’re using some jumbo DSLR with a fancy petal hooded lens instead of a 3MP Casio from 2001.

      | |
    • Ryan Orcullo

      Haha very funny Bill :D

      | |
  4. Matthew Saville

    I’m personally very excited to see Canon step up their game in the APS-C sensor size market, I’ve been using Nikon 16 MP and 24 MP DX bodies for a while now with amazing results in both DR and ISO performance, even in professional situations, while my Canon friends have been “stuck” with nothing but full-frame as their only option in those regards up to about ISO 1600 or so.

    Hopefully, the 7D mk2 has improvements in DR as well, but I’m not holding my breath until I see the DXO / DPR data.


    | |