Apparently, it is the season of insane deals over at Canon. First, they dropped the 7D to $1,000, and now they are offering a crazy $2,000 savings on their C300 cinema camera!


Now $2,000 may not seem like much when the camera itself costs over $10,000, but think about it: for $2,000, you can get some pretty nice Canon glass to use on your films. So, if you have been thinking about grabbing yourself a C300 for your filmmaking business or career, now would seem like a good opportunity to do so.

If you are interested you can find the deal on the C300 camera, or one of the kits, over on B&H. The camera only starts at $11,999 for the original C300 model, or $12,499 for the newer model with the Dual Pixel CMOS sensor upgrade.