According to a new report from Reuters, Canon has some new plans which will shift production of cameras back to Japan. This move comes after years of moving production overseas to China and Thailand.


Canon spokesperson, Hirotomo Fujimori, had this to say about the strategy change. “From now on, new copier, camera and printer products will be built at domestic factories and as they replace older products, the volume of goods made overseas will fall.”

The reason behind the move, according to Reuters, is the drastically declining value of the Yen. In other words, it’s now cheaper for them to build the products at home in Japan, like they used to do, rather than overseas. An interesting roll reversal, one that I think many of us will be happy with for a variety of reasons.

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Apparently Canon is not the only company doing this either. Other big Japanese Imaging companies like Nikon and Panasonic are also considering similar moves. In recent years, it has become rare to find products made in Japan in this industry, making them more desirable over their overseas built counterparts.

Now, it seems, more of our stuff will come from Japan. Which as a consumer, and as someone who wants quality and well built items, is great news.

What are your thoughts on this news coming out of Japan? Do you think it is better for items to be produced in Japan, or do you care either way? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

[via Photo Rumors via Reuters]