The latest rumor out of the Canon camp this week is that they are investing heavily into an European medium format manufacturer. The name being thrown around is Phase One. Could canon be looking to jump into the medium format market with the help of Phase One?


I do not know, but it was rumored a while back that Canon came very close to purchasing Hasselblad – even coming to close as to having their books open… but eventually stepping away from the deal. You also have to think about that rumor flying around about a 75mp Canon DSLR, could that be related to this in some way? Who knows.

The source of the rumor this time around is Northlight Images, who received a tip that Canon has been “investing significantly in a major European medium format digital camera manufacturer.” They then link this to the continued death of the compact camera market and the need for Canon to find somewhere else to make some money. They also make note that at this point there is no plans to make an outright purchase of the company, but that the option remains open.

As always take these rumor posts with a grain of salt, nothing is confirmed and as such it is more than likely that nothing comes of this. But it makes for an interesting discussion and is fun to think about possibilities, just keep it in perspective.

What are your thoughts? Is Canon getting ready to jump into the Medium Format Market? Let us know what you think in a comment below. 

[via Canon Rumors via Northlight Images]