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Canon FF Mirrorless Coming At CP+?


The word on the street is that Canon has a big announcement coming at CP+ in Japan next month. Part of that is almost certainly their next flagship EOS-1D model, and now some are speculating that the other piece could be something mirrorless.

According to the report circulating the rumor mill (both Canon sites and the Mirrorless site picked this up), Canon has a big EOS-M announcement coming at CP+, something that will ‘surprise’ people. I don’t know about you, but I highly doubt another APS-C EOS-M could really surprise anyone short of it being an EOS-1D spec’d body  (spec wise, not size, obviously). So this has led to the speculation, and I repeat, this is JUST SPECULATION, that Canon could be ready to launch their first full frame mirrorless camera.

We don’t know anything (and we don’t even really KNOW that) else about it, unfortunately. We don’t know if it will still have the EOS-M moniker, or if it will be able to use EF lenses (and if it can, how well it can), or if it will have a professional build quality.

Basically, there is a lot we don’t know. But one thing we do know is that Canon finally launching a full frame mirrorless camera to compete against Sony’s A7 series is a BIG deal. Assuming its price/performance/capabilities are even remotely similar to just the base A7 II model, this camera would sell like hotcakes. But I am willing to bet that IF this camera is a full frame mirrorless, the fact that it is full frame will not be the only surprising aspect about it.

Can we get into February already? Sony is expected to make some huge announcements; Olympus has something up its sleeve; and now Canon… I have a feeling CP+ could be a big deal this year (I’m a little surprised some of these big announcements aren’t being held off until Photokina).

Yongnuo Announces New YN-360 LED Light WanD


Today, the interweb is going nuts over Yongnuo‘s latest announcement; an Ice Light-like LED wand they are calling the YN-360. Now, while I say it is ‘Ice Light-like,’ the similarity really ends in the fact that it is an LED wand.

Yongnuo is touting this new product as the only LED video light made from full-color RGB SMD lamps and LED lamp beads. This sets it apart in many ways, but namely, in that there is no need for color gels because you can change the color of the RGB panel to virtually any color you desire.

The YN-360 is powered by standard Sony NP-F style batteries, and also accepts wall power in those situations where you prefer that over a battery. Controlling the light via the manual controls is easy via a dedicated dial, and you can even change them wirelessly via a phone app of some kind.



  • Color temperature: 3200K, 5500K and RGB full color
  • CRI: greater than or equal to 95
  • Mobile APP Remote distance: less than 15 m
  • Power: 19.2 watts Lumen: 2560LM
  • Weight: 489 g illumination angle: 55 degrees and 110 degrees
  • Applicable battery: A lithium battery NP-F series
  • External DC power supply: 8 V DC power supply 5 A
  • Size: 583 * 48 * 24 mm

Pricing and availability for the new YN-360 have not yet been announced. But, given the amount of buzz and demand for these units, I wouldn’t think Yongnuo will wait too long before getting this out to the masses.

You can learn more about the YN-360’s over on the official Yongnuo website.

Leica SL Is The Top Performing Leica According to DXO

Leica SL and 24-90 f2.8-f4

I know, I know, say what you will about DxO, but I found this little tidbit interesting. According to the latest testing data over on the site, DxO has shown the new Leica SL (the new mirrorless camera), to be the highest performing Leica to date.

Now, this all needs the usual DxO grain of salt added, but it is interesting. I don’t hear a ton of Leica fanatics raving about the SL (I even saw a virtually brand new SL on Craigslist in my area this week), so it’s interesting to hear that it could be the ‘best’ Leica on the market right now.

“Although the Leica Q’s sensor performance hinted at the direction Leica was taking, the Leica SL sensor improves on that. Such improvement might be only in some small way, but it is quantifiable.”

You can find the full results of the DxO test over here.

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