Canon has not been having a good week…not at all. Recently they’ve had two MAJOR problems:

  1. A serious outage of their new service which allows the Canon EOS R5 and R6 to wirelessly transfer files to the Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud, Google Drive, Google Photos, and your own computer.
  2. A ransomware attack that caused their websites to go offline and, if they don’t pay the ransom, could leak their confidential files onto the Internet. In the case of Garmin, the rumors from say the ransom was $10 MILLION.

While this seems like a pretty straightforward issue, there’s actually an a lot to break down. Can we trust Canon with our personal and professional files? Will they stay in this market space now that they’ve been hacked and the technology used exposed? Tony leverages his background in IT security to tell you exactly what happened and how Canon will emerge from it.