We have all heard about the GH4; its stellar 4K video and other impressive features, and apparently, so has Canon. A new rumor says that the camera giant has set its sights on the GH4 and plans to release a direct competitor in 2015.


Canon to Target GH4 In Upcoming NAB 2015 Release

The report, from Canon Rumors, states that the rumor comes from a trusted source, someone who has given correct and solid information in the past. So at this point, there is no reason to disregard this, but rather try and sort out how Canon plans to release their own 1″ sensor ILC.

In addition to the 1″ sensor, the camera is expected to have a removable EVF and Grip, and will be small enough that it can be mounted to quadcopters. But as I mentioned above, the interesting question here is, what mount will this camera be?

canon camera eos-m2

Surely, if the 1″ sensor bit is true, it will not have a true EF mount, and it would seem odd to give it an EF-S (since it’s essentially the same mount as the EF). That leaves two options in my mind: the already available (though very under served) EF-M mount, or some sort of new mount. It could also have a fixed lens, like the FZ-1000 or RX1, but then it wouldn’t really be competing with the GH4.

If they did use the EF-M mount, it¬†would be another reason for Canon to make EF-M glass. But then you would have to factor in the crop from an APS-C sensor to a 1″ sensor, much like many APS-C shooters now do for their EF Canon glass. The other angle here is, what if the reason the EF-M mount seems most likely, is that the upcoming camera is, in fact, the next iteration of the EOS-M?

What are your thoughts on this rumor? What would Canon have to do with this camera to truly compete with the GH4? What lens mount will the camera have? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

[via Canon Rumors]