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Canon, Fuji, Sigma – 5 New Products Now Shipping

By Anthony Thurston on November 14th 2014

There have been a lot of product announcements over the last two months, with Photokina and then PhotoPlus. If any of those products caught your attention, then this wait probably felt like an eternity, but finally many of the products announced at Photokina/PhotoPlus are now shipping.

Canon Products Now Shipping


Canon announced several new items between Photokina and PhotoPlus, namely the new 7D Mark II (which began shipping a couple weeks ago), the new EFS 24mm F/2.8 Pancake lens, and the new EF 25-105mm F/3.5-5.6 IS STM. All three, are now shipping:

Fujifilm X100T Now Shipping


Fujifilm announced several products of their own during this year’s expo onslaught, including a new Graphite Silver X-T1 (not shipping yet), 50-140mm F/2.8 (not shipping Yet), and of-course the new X100T. Only the new X100T is shipping at this time:

Sigma Products Now Shipping


Sigma also had a busy expo season, announcing not one, but two 150-600mm lenses as well as a new version of their Foveon-based Quattro cameras, the DP1. We don’t have pricing information yet on the 150-600mm contemporary, but the 150-600mm Sports and the new DP1 are now shipping. The 150-600mm Sports is still listed as pre-order most places and I been told that this is because they don’t even have enough stock to fill the pre-orders, so they are only able to ship out pre-orders as the lenses trickle in.

Gift Season Is Fast Approaching!

It is almost that time of year – gift giving season – and many of the above mentioned products would likely put a pretty big smile on the photographer in your life’s face. We will have some more gift idea posts in the coming weeks, but if you want to get your mind going, these products would be a great place to start.

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. Aaron Cheney

    I would love to try the sport!

    | |
  2. Jeff Morrison

    I want the 150-600mm Sport so bad maybe i’ll get it in my stocking this year.

    | |
  3. adam sanford

    Also, a great number of people want to see how the Sigma 150-600 Sport fares against Canon’s White Unicorn 100-400L II. The Sigma was quite impressive in recent LensTip testing, who rated its center sharpness *on the level of a stopped down 135L prime*. The new Sigma was even better at 600 than the old 150-500 was at *150* (i.e. the new lens’s weakest FL is sharper than the old lens’ strongest FL). It’s a marvelous improvement, especially for the price.

    But tests are just tests. People have to be able to use the real thing in the field. Proper reviews are surely on their way.

    | |
    • Anthony Thurston

      Aye, I am hoping to get my hands on one for review asap.

      | |
    • adam sanford

      Anthony, I just don’t know how Canon is going to compete on a sharpness level. A 100-400 with a 1.4x bolted on cannot possibly outresolve this Sigma. Birders will have therefore have a very tough choice of choosing Canon for trust in the AF, better weather sealing, etc. vs. choosing Sigma for reach and sharpness. For roughly the same money, most birders would choose the latter, wouldn’t they?

      | |
    • Anthony Thurston

      I don’t even think it is a contest. The Sigma has more range, is super sharp, and still has good weather sealing, OS, and AF performance. Plus, lets not forget the AF customization that can be had with the Sigma USB dock. Canon will sell well, since its a Canon L lens, but anyone with a brain will have a hard time choosing that over the Sigma.

      | |
    • adam sanford

      The clear trump card for Canon is that they still write the AF routines on the bodies. As far as Sigma has come — and they have been tremendous the last few years) — even with that dock of theirs, the best performing AF systems will be from lenses designed by the body maker.

      Consider: even the fabled 50 Art — a very, very well reviewed lens — has had an infrequent but reproducible AF issue. See the butterfly mouseover demonstration from Bryan Carnathan’s review: (look halfway down the page and mouseover the 1-10 under the picture)

      So Sigma’s rep is clearly on a positive trajectory, but some will continue to trust the overcharging Devil they know. :-P

      | |
    • Anthony Thurston

      That is a nice trump card to have, for sure. For me, even in a fast action sports environment, Sigma glass has been plenty good enough for my needs. So while Canon glass may be slightly better, im one of those people that would rather save money than get 10 shots in focus instead of 9. haha

      | |
  4. Rui Pinto

    Looking forward for the pancake!

    | |
  5. adam sanford

    I have an old T1i when I’m not using my 5D3. I’d love to just leave an autofocusing pancake on it as a very small walkaround rig. Canon has an EF 40mm pancake that is explosively sharp for the dollar — DXO and PZone call it sharper than the 35L and 50L, and only slightly behind the Sigma 35 Art. But it is too long on a crop (FF equivalent 64mm) for walkaround use. So the 24mm pancake could be just what I’m looking for.

    Be advised however that these lens are inexpensive for a reason: Canon’s pancakes (either of them) lack basically *any* creature comfort features you’d look for. There is no USM focusing, no internal focusing (they slightly telescope in/out when they focus), a non-standard filter diameter and both AF and MF use are entirely by wire (you half shutter press to ‘power’ the focus ring). It’s a simple lens with a simple feature set. But for $149, you cannot beat the value.

    | |